How to Submit a Guest Post

Please read carefully before submitting your guest posts! Our requirements have changed.

What We Are Looking For In Guest Posts

On Olena Fashion TV website we do our best to maintain high standards every day: our content is unique, informative and engaging. We require that all guest posts submitted for review are:

  • Written for this website and will not be published anywhere else.
  • Can be attributed to one of existing categories.
  • Are at least 800 words.
  • Contain no grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Have an awesome headline; headlines are crucial to success of your article. We will share all published guest articles on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks; our readers will share them, too. If your headline is average, you will get a third of views you could get with an awesome headline. Why waste time on writing an article, if you will not get the most out of it? Please make sure to download a free copy of “Headline Hacks” by Jon Morrow (Google it)  to see examples of headlines we are looking for and get great ideas for your own article.

What You Can Include Into Your Article (Optional)

An author bio. If you would like to share a few things about yourself with our readers, please include a short bio (3-5 sentences); it will be placed at the end of the article.

Links Allowed

You can include 1-2 links to your website, landing pages, social profiles, etc. If you submit more than 2 links, extra links will be edited out.

If your article contains a review, please make sure that your article complies with Google best practices for bloggers reviewing free products they receive from companies.


You can provide your own images to illustrate your article but it is not required. If you provide images with your article draft, please make sure that these images are copyright free. You must include credits with images, where applicable.

If you do not provide images with your draft, we will illustrate your article with images of our choice.

Editorial Process

Olena Fashion TV reserves the right to edit your article title, text and to replace images you provide with other images. It’s in your best interest to ensure that your article reflects the likes of our audience as much as possible. Because we receive many guest articles daily, we have no time or resources to follow up with every author. For this reason, if your article is selected for publication, all edits will be made by the editor to his/her liking and you will see the final version of the article when it’s live. You will not be notified via email or otherwise when and if your article goes live, so please continue checking the blog to see the status of your article.


We receive many guest posts daily. It may take up to 3-4 weeks for your article to be reviewed.

How to Make Sure Your Article Gets Published

We reserve the right to approve or decline any articles for any reason. But if you write an awesome, unique, engaging article, of course we will publish it! The trick is simple: be a star. Do your best to write the best piece possible, make sure your topic is popular and your headline follows the above mentioned “Headline Hacks”.

After Your Article Is Published

If your article is published, we would greatly appreciate your participation in promoting it. Make sure to share your accomplishments with your own social media followers, post comments on the article and encourage your fans to do so!

How to Submit A Guest Post

If you have carefully read the above rules and tips and are ready to give it a try, you can click here to register and upload your post for review. If you are already registered, please login to upload your article.

We can’t wait to read your best piece!