5 Easy Ways to Purchase Gifts For Makeup Lovers


One of the Christmas gifting items you’ll almost never go wrong with are makeup, whether that be a new palette, a new brush, a new lipstick or what not. We, ladies, love our beauty stash and we never take a break building up our collection. Naturally, when we receive an item meant for our beautifying purposes, it’s always a welcome present.

Sadly, hardly do cosmetics given to us by our family or friends meet our standards or at least our preferences. Keep that in mind whenever you’re planning to buy makeup for all the gorgeous women in your fabulous life.

This or that? How to shop makeup for others

Makeup is not an easy gifting idea at all. First, you need to consider personal preferences then, there’s the full lineup of other considerations including skin type and sensitivity, skin color and yes even your loved ones’ beauty philosophy.

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Here are top 5 tips to help you get the right kind of makeup to wrap in a fancy gift box:

1. Think about the personality of the person you’re giving it to. Do you know this person well enough to be able to hint at what she wants? Can you say if she’s daring enough to try bold colors or conservative and would rather stick to the basics? If you’re not sure about this person’s character and the image she portrays, you might want to reconsider what to give her.

2. Always choose products that work safely for sensitive skin types. Be on the safer side when hunting the perfect cosmetics for your girlfriends. You’d rather be on guard to make sure you don’t make the mistake of wrapping up products with harsh ingredients.

3. Check out look books for makeup ideas. Using these catalogs, you may be able to pinpoint the right kinds of cosmetics that will flatter your friends skin color the best. Then again, make sure that whatever you find trendy and compatible to her skin, you also check against her personality. All of these factors must fall into place or your gift will probably end up in the bin.

4. Go for less of the pigments. Lipsticks seem like a bright idea to gift but that does not mean it’s a smart gift. The problem with makeup with colors like lipstick and eyeshadows is that people will have very strong feelings about what shades they like and what tints they think work best for them. In fact, you’ve probably received several tubes in the past and ended up actually using just one or two. Instead, go for easier makeups to pick up like safe colors of eyebrows and eyeliners, mascara’s and foundation.

5. Impress by buying a well-known brand. Your gift does not have to bear the label of top luxury brands but, gifting with a reputable brand of cosmetics, like MAC or NARS, for example, will instantly excite the recipient.

When your friend has extreme philosophies on beauty such as when she subscribes only to five-free nail polish or cosmetics that are rid of the dirty dozen, they would often have a go-to brand for skincare— and that’s what you need to know. Once you do, you should find out which products she doesn’t already have in her stash or, which one may be running out soon.

Better makeup alternatives

If in case the five tips above have sucked your brains of any more makeup ideas to give then, don’t force it. Look up these alternatives instead which will nevertheless add beauty into giving this Christmas:

1. Makeup look book.  Give your friend a dose on ‘sin-spiration’ to splurge on makeup she may or may not aready have. A look book with tips and hacks will be highly appreciated by any makeup junkie.

2. Makeup brushes and sponges. How about giving your loved one tools for her makeup routine? It doesn’t have to be expensive like real animal furs are. In fact, even professional makeup artists prefer synthetic brushes for their ability to hold but not store makeup, and to better blend and incorporate makeup onto your skin.

3. Vanity kit. Give your loved one a place to store all her beauty finds whether for the home or for her purse.


 Making your love felt for a person through gifting doesn’t stop at just cashing in anything that you can wrap up in fancy paper.  Putting in extra effort to match your gift and what they want is premium.


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