10 Beauty Tips for Girls to Fight the Summer Heat Wave

Summer Loving might be a blast, but the heat isn’t. Global warming a myth? Nowadays when you tell someone they look hot, you genuinely mean it; they’re so flushed they look like they’re going to self-combust. The soaring temperatures are playing havoc with my skin, my hair, boob sweat, and I’m hopefully not alone when I mention my swollen ankles.

The heat is also responsible for those dreadful bags under eyes. Not the heat itself, but rather dehydration; either from not taking in enough liquid or drinking too much coffee or alcohol in extreme heat. Also, when we’re hot, our body retains water in an attempt to cool our bodies down from the inside out, which contributes to that puffy-eyed look.

During the scorching hot summer months, we are at the mercy of the sun, air conditioners, and allergies, which dry out our skin, or we experience extremely oily skin from sun block and moisturizers in an attempt to keep that sand-paper look and feel at bay.

That’s the bad news. The good news is we have 10 beauty tips that will help you fight the summer heat, without breaking out in a sweat.

1. Rehydrate

One of the most effective and affordable beauty treatments is water. Yes, good old H2O is still the only thing that is going to keep you rehydrated and looking fresh. Trust me there is nothing else in the world that will work as well, so you make sure you drink at least eight glasses a day.

2. Sunscreen

This is a tough one because some sunscreens leave your skin oily and prone to breakouts but protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is essential to a healthy, wrinkle-free skin. Once you have found the right one for your skin type, it has to be a part of your beauty routine, even if the sun isn’t shining.

3. Rosewater

Another inexpensive but very effective way to keep your skin hydrated is rosewater. Keep it in the refrigerator overnight and spritz your face and neck a few times a day with it. You’ll see the effect almost immediately.

4. Open pores

Argh! Over enlarged pores. Our skin needs to breathe when it’s really hot, and the way it does that is to open the pores. Unfortunately, open pores mean dirt and grime settle in and forms blackheads and pimples. Your skin routine needs to include a face wash, a cleanser, and a toner, along with a moisturizer, of course.

 5. Change your foundation

In very hot conditions our skin produces more oil, and if you’re wearing a liquid foundation, it’s going to melt on your face. On really hot days rather go for a lightly powdered foundation; it’ll keep the shine at bay, and your skin will look gorgeous the entire day.

6. Sweat-proof your makeup

If you need to look presentable during the day for an important meeting or a hot date opt for waterproof mascara and try use skin care products that have silica which absorb sweat.

7. Eye spy

The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and prone to puffiness, irritations redness and wrinkles, so be sure to take extra care. If you battle with dark rings or bags under your eyes on hot days use an eye illuminator to conceal any concerns. It also works well as a primer, concealer and as a moisturizing product.

8. Avoid panda eyes

If you are wearing eyeshadow use a primer first. Swap your cream eye shadow for a powdered or mineral one and also use waterproof or smudge-proof mascara, so you don’t end up looking like a panda.

9. Don’t let your hair get in the way

I’m a ‘short hair doesn’t care’ kind of girl, but I feel for my friends with long hair. The best thing for your crowning glory on a boiling day is an updo: it’s low maintenance but still looks good, and keeps those irritating strands of hair from sticking to your face.

10. Dare to go bare

The last thing you do in the scorching heat is piled on layers of clothing so don’t do it with your makeup? Toss the heavy concealers and cakey powders out and replace with sheer foundations and cream blushes or stains.

But if all else fails to get your hands on Bella Serata, an anti-aging solution that reverses the signs of aging while preventing further damage from the extreme heat and the sun. What makes it different from other skin products is it doesn’t target one problem; it takes care of any concerns associated with harsh climates and the aging process.

Hopefully, our hot tips will keep you cool all summer long. If you have any suggestions to fight the heat, we’d love to hear from you.

Cover photo: beauty editorial Splash Color by Valentina De Meo

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