Oxygen For Your Skin

Oxygenation of the skin is the trendiest headline making news these days! Oxygen treatment is the most important if you see dull, sluggish or sleepy skin. Providing the skin with oxygen through oxygen mask, will revitalize and hydrate the skin. It will leave the skin clean, fresh and revitalized.

Why does skin need oxygen?

As the skin age or due to accumulation of the toxins in the skin, the number of capillaries decreases and lesser oxygen reaches the skin. Some factors that lead to loss of oxygen are:

  • Age
  • Environmental factors
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Stress

Skin is a live organ that needs to breathe in oxygen and nutrients. This keeps the skin healthy and glowing.

Characteristics that show less of oxygen

  • Dull
  • Wrinkled
  • Sluggish and sleepy skin

An oxygenated skin has the following characteristics:

  • Vibrant skin
  • Youthful glow
  • Clean and fresh skin
  • Revitalized and radiant skin

Benefits of savarnas mantra natural oxygen mask:

  • Savarnas Mantra Natural Oxygen Mask uses state of an art technology to provide oxidation to the skin.
  • Masking helps provide an extended period of contact between the active ingredients and your skin. This results in a deep and invigorating cleansing.
  • Savarnas Mantra Natural Oxygen Mask uses the benefits of oxidization and clears the skin.
  • The hydrating and oxidisation properties of Hydrogen Peroxide provide a soothing and comfortable mask. It has a chemical structure that helps to deliver skin nourishing oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide in Natural Oxygen Mask release abundant oxygen directly into the skin.

It helps lift dirt from deep pores.

It also enhances the breathing and metabolic process of the skin.

It further helps renew the skin besides stimulating the collagen build up for a youthful and healthy appearance.

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