Color Trends: The Most Popular Colors

Let’s take a look at the most popular 7 colors.

▼ Red Pear

Red is one of the most popular colors. But in autumn or in winter, the popularity differs from various red colors. The red pear is one of them.

Today’s Princess Kate of the United Kingdom once wore a burgundy dress in public. The clothes of the British Royal Family can’t be too exaggerative or provocative, but they should manifest the dignity of the Royal Family. Red pear is the best choice.

Red pear suit is very suitable for office lady. It’s not showy but demure, not exaggerative but of great vogue.

▼ Poppy Red

Poppy red has the second place among the red series. It’s brighter than burgundy but slightly different from red with a faint lure.

Poppy red looks more lively and is suitable for girls who are mentally young and energetic. You may feel that poppy red is more suitable for woman who has white skin and golden hair.

▼ Russet Orange

The russet orange let us think of maple leaf in autumn in Paris.  Today, the russet orange also regards fashionable color.

Russet orange is really vogue and outstanding.

▼ Nebula Blue

Have you remembered the popular nebula blue dress early on? The fresh and elegant nebula blue is always likable in fashion world.

Nebula blue also matches well with other colors. Pay attention that this color should not be matched with contrast color orange unless you are skilled in matching.

▼ Quetzal Green

This green is a color of bird feather, which will give you a feeling of returning to nature. It’s not as bright as green and not as dreary as dark green.

The previous popular greenery color makes you look more young and vivacious, but this quetzal green shows somewhat of maturity.

▼ Olive Green

Olive green has been popular for a long time and will continue to be in vogue in autumn and in winter.

Olive green skirt is helpful in summer. A white tee, an olive green skirt and a pair of white boots will help you to catch up with the trend.

▼ Crocus Purple

Crocus purple seems like a light-colored purple and it’s a little like the previous fashionable color of macaron. It is also the color of petal.

Purple represents nobility and may bring you dignity and good luck if you dress properly. This light purple will remind you of lavender and gives you a feeling of quietness.

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