How To Choose The Shade Of The Brow Powder?

How to choose the shade of the brow powder?

The shade of the brow powder depends on some factors. If you have a lot of brow hair, then you should try to match the color of the brow as close to the natural brow color. In case you have sparse brow hair, then you may choose from the following:

  • If you have dark hair, then go for one or two shades lighter brow color
  • If you have light hair color, then you should opt for two shades darker brow color

Besides this, you should apply the brow powder such that it covers both the skin and hair, to give a natural and beautiful looking brow!

Why chose brow powder?

We recommend you to choose brow powder for it following advantages:

  • It gives a perfect brow shape
  • It leaves a natural look of the eyebrows
  • The brow powder will leave a no makeup look on your appearance
  • It will tame your untamed brow hair

Why should you choose Brow Powder?

  • Brow powder is water resistant
  • It gives a very natural and soft finish
  • It has no mineral oil added to it

The putty brow powder is one of our bestsellers and has been appreciated by one and all.

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