9 Clever Ways To Wash White Clothes

White clothes are worn by everyone. Then how to wash white clothes? Let’s take a look at the following 9 clever ways to wash them.

Use a Plastic Bag

Material: A transparent plastic bag, detergent and washing soap.

Firstly, put some water in the basin and simply wash the clothes. Use detergent or washing soap to clean the important part.

Take another basin of clean water after washing. Add some detergent and soak the clothes in water. After the clothes fully absorb water, smear soap on them. Put the clothes into the plastic bag instead of washing.

Tighten the plastic bag mouth and leave the bag under the sun for an hour or two. To see and check the clothes after taking them out, you will find that the clothes are as white as before.

Use Aspirin

A piece of aspirin and 8 liters of water. Dissolve the aspirin in water and soak the clothes fully in water. Take them out 8 hours later. The clothes will become cleaner after drying. Grind aspirin into powder and put it into the washing machine. In this situation, the washing will not turn yellow.

Use Salt

Material: A spoon of salt and 8 liters of water

Sprinkle salt on stains and rub gently. Wash the clothes after the stains dry.

Tips: It’s not suitable for dried stains.

Use Lemon

Method 1:

Material: 2 lemons and 1 pot of water

Put lemon slices into the water  pot. Turn off the fire after the water is boiling. Then soak the clothes in water for an hour, and they will be super white after drying.

Method 2:

Smear lemon juice onto the place where the clothes turn yellow. Brush it with toothbrush gently for several minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse the cloth and dry it.

Use Baking Soda

Method 1:

Material: 4 liters of warm water and 250ml baking soda

First, soak the baking soda in warm water until it dissolves. Then soak the clothes in water for 8 hours. At last wash the clothes with clean water. The clothes will become soft, white and clean.

Method 2:

Material: Half bowl of water and baking soda.

Pour baking soda into the bowl, add the appropriate amount of water and pound it into the paste. Smear the paste on the place where the clothes are yellow. Gently brush the yellow stains after air drying, the stain will disappear.

Method 3:

Material: 1/4 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of baking soda.

Pour water into the pot and add some baking soda and salt. Turn off the fire after the water is boiling. Soak the white clothes in water and rinse them with clean water the next day. Then you will find the clothes is as white as salt.

Use White Vinegar

Method 1:

If you use the washing machine to wash the clothes, add a little white vinegar before rinsing. The clothing will not turn yellow after washing.

Method 2:

If you wash the clothes by hand, then use the boiling water, add some white vinegar and soak the clothes in the water fully. One night later, wash the clothes normally and the stains will disappear. It’s OK to apply this method to white socks too.

Method 3:

Spray white vinegar on the stains. 10 minutes after it’s getting wet, remove the stains by soft brush toothbrush. The white clothes will look like the new one.

Use Borax

Material: 125ml borax

Put the white clothes into the washing machine, add borax, and do the laundry based on normal process. Borax has the same function as baking soda, which can whiten and wipe out the strange smell of clothes.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Method 1:

Material: 125ml hydrogen peroxide

Pour hydrogen peroxide into the washing machine, add detergent and start to do the washing according to normal process. The clothing will become white and clean.

Method 2:

Material: 1/2 hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 baking soda, 1 cup of water

Mix hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and water in the bowl. Smear the liquid on the stains of white clothes. Brush the stains 5-7 minutes later and rinse them with cold water. The clothes will be white.


Material: 125ml toothpaste, 180ml baking soda, 60ml salt, 500ml white vinegar

Mix all the material together and soak the clothes in the liquid. After 4 hours. Take out the clothes and wash them. You can’t imagine how white the clothes will become.

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