Why Is The Fitness Industry Booming?

While many businesses have struggled to stand out in recent years, gyms are popping up all over the country. But why is the fitness industry booming?

  1. Smart Technology

Unlike previous generations, people can now buy wearables that provide biometric readings of their body during exercise and calculate their calorie usage, heart rate and track the progress of their training. This means that users can watch their improvement through the technology, giving them a greater incentive to continue.

      2. It’s hip to be healthy

Current trends are often reflected in the types of businesses flourishing. Given the number of gyms across the US, there is definitely a demand for fitness. You can also see this in the amount of health food shops that are opening.

A final reason why gyms are flourishing is that many of them have affordable price options. Lower-priced memberships may limit customers in terms of when they can attend the gym (off-peak/peak times), but the majority of people are finding a price plan to suit them. The only thing that has sometimes put people off joining a gym is the contractual obligation to pay even if you don’t attend. As a result, in order to get more business a lot of smaller gym chains now offer pay as you go memberships which can be cancelled at anytime.

In conclusion, there isn’t a better time to sign up to a gym. It can improve your mood, physical health, confidence and social skills.

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