Tips How To Remove Various Stains From Clothing Tactfully

In our daily life it is inevitable that the stains stick to clothes. Once your clothes are dirty, it is difficult to clean. Now we will look at how to tactfully remove various stains from clothes, including the most common 10 ways to remove various stains from clothes.

Cleaning Of White Clothes And Socks

It’s hard to remove stains from white clothes. First take a slice of lemon and put it into water and boil, and soak the clothes in water for 15 minutes after the water cool down. Then you can wash the clothes.

Removal Of Strange Smell

Sometimes clothes are aired inappropriately and give off the smell of sweat. You should mix white vinegar with water, soak the clothes in water for about 5 minutes, then ventilate and dry.

Cleaning Of Pen Ink

First pour alcohol onto the ink. Every ink should be evenly covered by medical alcohol whose alcohol concentration is less than 75%. Turn the clothes which has stuck to alcohol upward. Make sure that it doesn’t touch other area of the clothes. Otherwise, the pen and ball-pen ink will dye the rest of the clothes.

Second prepare a half basin of water, and pour two full lids of bleaching solution into the water. Add a little detergent after slightly stirring the clothes and you can control the amount of detergent. Stir the clothes later to let detergent dissolve in water completely.

Now soak the clothes in water for 20 minutes. At last, wash the clothes after time is up. Then you will find nothing left in your clothes. If it is deep pen ink and the ink remains after using the method above, you can use toothpaste and soap to scrub it, and then wash it with clean water (soak with boiling water is forbidden). There is another way to solve this problem: don’t take off your clothes in haste, use gas oil to clean it first, and then wash it instead.

Cleaning Of Sauce And Oil In Clothes

  • Use white sugar. First soak the clothes where stains stuck to in water. Next splash a spoon of water on it and rub the clothes by hand. We can see that some sauce and oil have been stuck to white sugar. Then wash the clothes with clean water and stains will be removed.
  • Use baking soda. Soak the white tank top in water, pour soda water onto where the tank top is stained. Wash the tank top with clean water after 10 minutes, and the stains will be removed.
  • Use fresh lotus root. Cut open the fresh lotus root and smear the liquid on the area of sauce and oil. Wash the clothes 10 minutes later and the source and oil can be cleaned.

Cleaning Of Oil Paint

What should we do if oil paint sticks to clothes? A good solution is to smear cooling oil on the area of oil paint, for cooling oil contains material which can dissolve oil paint. It’s OK after washing it. If clothes stick to hydrosoluble paint ( such as water soluble paint and emulsion paint) and domestic wall paint, just clean it with water in time. If oil paint sticks to nylon fabric, first you can smear some lard on it and scrub, next soak it in detergent and then wash it with clean water.

Cleaning Of Grass Stain

You need to prepare 100g salt and 1000g clean water. Pour the water into container and stir, put the clothes with grass stain into the basin, soak the clothes in salt water for 10 minutes, and then wash it in water. You will find that it’s easy to clean the stubborn grass stain.

Cleaning Of Dyed Clothes

Put some warm water in washing machine and start it for rinsing. Add 84g disinfectant (half bucket of water needs about 1/3 bottle of disinfectant) to dissolve and dilute the water. Put the clothes in and close the door of washing machine. After 25 minutes of rinsing, you can take the clothes out to air. After the clothes dry off, the color will become normal as it before.

If you want to avoid fastness, some salt should be added into the water (a little spoonful of salt per bucket of water) when you wash the new clothes. After finishing it, you should rinse it with clean water immediately and don’t soak it for too long. Last , don’t expose the clothes to the burning sun, because the sun will change the nature of dye. Leave the clothes to dry in a cool and ventilative place.

Cleaning Of Blood Stain

  • The moment when blood stain sticks to your clothes, you should wash it with cold water or light salt brine (avoid hot water, for blood contains protein which will clot under the heat and will not dissolve easily). Then wash it with soap or 10% of potassium iodide solution.
  • Salt mixed with white turnip juice or mashed carrot can also remove the blood stain from clothes. Use 10% of tartaric acid solution to scrub the stain and then rinse it with cold water.
  • Enzymatic detergent is good for removing the blood stain.
  • If blood stain has stuck to clothes for a long time, take 10% of ammonia water or 3% of hydrogen peroxide to scrub it. After a while, wash it with cold water repeatedly.
  • If still can’t clean completely, wash it with 10-15% of oxalic acid solution and then soak the clothes in clean water.
  • No matter it’s new or old stain, use sulphur soap to scrub the stain and wash it.
  • Smear the clams oil on the blood stain and keep it for about 15 minutes, and then wash it with soap and clean water.

Cleaning Mildew From Clothing

Sometimes white clothes become moldy due to muggy weather or season change. It’s OK. There are many methods to deal with mildew.

  • Mung bean sprout: put the tender mung bean sprout onto the mildew and scrub it hard with both hands. Do you find it much cleaner? Put some mung bean sprout onto the mildew again and continue to scrub, you will find that the mildew color become shallower. Scrub it again and finally hard work pays off, the mildew is removed thoroughly. At last rinse the cloth with clean water. It’s so easy to solve this problem.
  • The mildew can be exposed to the sun and removed by brush later, and next clean it with alcohol.
  • Mildew of silk clothes can be cleaned with citric acid and then rinsed with cold water.
  • Mildew of linen fabric can be rinsed with calcium chloride solution.
  • Mildew of woolen can be cleaned with mustard solution or borax solution (add two spoons of mustard solution or borax solution into a basin of water).
  • Use 2% of soap alcohol solution to scrub the mildew (add a soap into 250g alcohol and stir evenly). Then use decolorizer of sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide to scrub it. At last wash it. This means is limited to white clothes. The old mildew can soak for 1 hour before washing.
  • Soak the moldy clothes in dense soap water. Take out the wet clothes to expose it in the sun and dry it for several times. After the mildew being cleaned, wash it with clean water.

Cleaning Of Red And Purple Liquid Medicine

  • Use white vinegar to clean the red liquid medicine, and then rinse it with clean water.
  • Another way is to soak the clothes in water and scrub the red liquid medicine with glycerin. Then wash it with ammonia liquid soap constantly. It will be better if adding a few drops of thin acetic acid solution and wash it with soap liquid later.
  • To deal with purple liquid medicine, first you can dissolve a little sodium hydrosulfite in water, dip the brush in the solution and then scrub the stain. At last rinse the clothes with sodium hydrosulfite and water for many times until it is clean (it’s not applicable for sticky material, dyed clothes, silk and direct dyes).

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