5 Stylish Ways To Match Hoodies With Pants

Many people like to wear hoodies when it’s cold, and it’s easy to match. Today, let’s learn about 5 stylish ways to match the hoodies with pants.

Hoodies With Shorts

In early autumn when the temperature hasn’t plunged, wear a hoodie with shorts. Your long legs are exposed outside, looking a little sexy. The outfit will easily withstand the variational temperature in day and night. You can still wear a hoodie and shorts in late autumn. Matched a pair of thick pantyhose inside, looking young, nifty and giving a sense of layering. The mix-and-match outfit greatly increases the chicness.

Hoodie With PU Pants

The soft hoodie contrasts with PU pants. The differences between material create abundant layering. Looking contracted but not simple.

Hoodie With Pencil Pants

There is always someone asking what to wear inside the hoodie. Midi t-shirt which is a little longer than the hoodie, has been popular this year. The t-shirt inside is longer than the hoodie outside. It looks extremely trendy to expose a section of lower hem of the t-shirt outside.

Hoodie With Wide Leg Pants

How could there be no wide leg pants which are popular in recent years? They are all-match, fashionable and make you look slim.

Hoodie With Jeans

The casual hoodie matches the bohemian ripped jeans, which makes you look young. It’s exactly the flavor of autumn when these totally different styles mixed together.

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