How To Choose The Right Sports Bra

Every girl who loves sports has a sports bra. What should you pay attention to when choosing for the sports bras? Material or style? In fact, it should be chosen according to the size of your breasts.

Smaller Breasts

If you have smaller breast, then you can choose any type you like. Simple and lightweight underwear is the best choice, avoiding too complicated and heavy types.

Medium Breasts

Girls with medium chests only need to pay attention to comfort when choosing a sports bra. Almost all sports underwear is suitable for you, just pay more attention to comfort and beauty.

Busty breasts

Busty girls must choose high-intensity sports bra. The professional material, separate cup design, wide shoulder strap, and adjustable buckle. These can reduce the burden on your chest while exercising.


It is recommended to choose a wide shoulder strap when choosing a sports bra so that it can exert a certain pressure on the chest to help fix the chest without worrying about excessive pressure. In contrast, wide shoulder strap bra is more comfortable.

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