5 Wearable Trends For Summer!

Throughout the fashion month, all we saw were familiar patterns, colours, coats, and layering tricks, perhaps just worn in new ways

1. Animal Print.

Ladies… How about some leopard print? Yes! This season will be all about reviving the classic leopard prints and fresh Tiger prints.

2. All I See is Red!

Spice it up with this monochromatic statement which is definitely fierce and bring’s out the sass in you! 

3. Regenerating the 80’s!

Exaggerated shoulders, kitten heels and statement earrings with a blend of western fringes, cowboy prints and snake skin boots transmit happy vintage modern vibes.

4. The return of Ruching!

Little crumple, too much fun! Ruching is one technique that has majorly come back with a bang! Ruching was seen down the sides of midi dresses and across miniskirts.

5. Street Style Statement Coats!

These statement coats took control of the runways, whether layered or standalone. All you really need is a pair of boots to finish the outfit.

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