Wedding Hairstyles For The Modern Bride

When it comes to your wedding hairstyle, your choice should be the best. Gone are the days of stiff updos and ornate curls—these days, it’s all about easy, breezy hairstyles that emulate your overall bridal look without taking away from your big moment.

Whether you have naturally textured curls, a short bob, or long locks, there’s a fuss-free look to model your wedding day hairstyle after. If you are looking for some hairstyle ideas then look no further, because these hairstyle ideas are just perfect for your wedding day and we think you would agree too.

So what are you waiting for just scroll down and check out these hairstyles ideas along with some important tips which you can opt for your wedding and related ceremonies.

Cascading Braids

A large number of braid styles that have now come to the notice of hair stylists and it is really not difficult for a bride to choose a perfect wedding hairstyle for herself. Pick your style among the popular braids like the beautiful fishtail braid and the mermaid braid. The braids look amazing with statement earrings.

Top Buns

For brides-to-be who want a hassle-free wedding hairstyle, the bridal bun hairstyles like the top floral bun in an array of styles, and then this is just perfect for sure.The bride can take her pick from a side twisted bun, a braided bun or a high top bun and flaunt it to perfection! Adding some artificial extensions to create bouffant hair can give your appearance a more dramatic and stunning style.

Top buns, as a wedding hairstyle, work amazingly with bridal choker necklaces and tear-drop earrings in various semi-precious stones as well as metal ones. This hairstyle suits a more fuller-rounder face best, as the wedding hairstyle is able to pull some weight off of the face making it look longer and slimmer.

Accessories the bun with flowers to make it stand out or even jewels to make it look more glamorous. This wedding hairstyle works well with a bridal lehenga, while the bouffant style matches a bridal saree look the most. Make sure that you use a lot of bobby pins to keep your bun in place throughout the wedding ceremonies.

Soft Curls

If you are someone who is not fond of excessive use of the product and accessories on the hair, then the soft curls wedding hairstyle could very well be the perfect bridal hairstyle for you. This playful hairstyle is super low-maintenance in nature and does not need a lot of attention to stay in place throughout the marriage ceremonies.

Soft curls, like their name suggests, is an ideal wedding hairstyle that offers brides who have a slightly heavier jawline, to soften it up and make it look more defined and well-sculpted. The soft curls wedding hairstyle works beautifully with high-neck saree blouses.

The Half and Half

One of the best wedding hairstyles that suit every Indian bride and looks absolutely stunning with any traditional Indian trousseau is the half and half wedding hairstyle. The half and half wedding hairstyle essentially mean that half of the bride’s hair is tied in an updo, while the lower half of the hair is allowed to cascade down the bride’s shoulders in the form of curls, a single braid or even just being their natural selves.

Acting as a multi-tasker, the half up and a half down wedding hairstyle gives the bride the glamour and fluidity that the open hair provides with ease. An updo ensures that the hair does not come on the face and leaves the bride feeling at ease as well.

The Side Bun

The side bun proves to be an ideal hairdo when it comes to the wedding hairstyle for the quintessential Indian bride especially during a summer wedding. This neat bun beautifully compliments the simplicity and elegance that an Indian bride wants to flaunt all through her many wedding ceremonies.

The side bun looks wonderfully gorgeous with wedding outfits that happen to be in neutral tones but also the ones that are heavily embellished as the simplicity of this wedding hairstyle is able to divert the attention of the onlookers to your gorgeous bridal outfit. Take your pick from the elegantly twisted side bun and some wonderful antique jewelry and you are sorted to flaunt your stylish best!

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