Top 5 Italian Designers of All Time

For a whole century Italian fashion labels have been revered across the globe for their opulent, well crafted designs. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Italian designers of all time…

1. Prada

Prada’s ascension to fashion royalty started in 1913 when Mario and Martino Prada started a small leather goods shop in Milan. Through the years, different family members have headed the organisation including Mario’s daughter, Luisa and her daughter Miuccia. It was during Miuccia’s run as boss that Prada started become a leader in world fashion. The introduction of Nylon patterns during the late 70s became synonymous with the brand and proved a massive commercial hit.

During the 1980s Prada opened more stores and introduced exquisite handbags to their range further propelling the designer into prominence. During this period of great success Prada expanded across Europe and the US cementing its place as one of Fashion’s elite. By the 90s Prada was famously known for its minimal black clean lines, opulent materials and basic colours.

Today, Prada leads the way in fashion and the company is worth billions.

2. Versace

Gianni Versace started designing collections during the early 1970s. His success as a young designer led him to launch his own brand in 1978. Versace was unique in terms of having 100% control over the company and its designs. Expansion through the 80s saw the introduction of bags, jewelry and home furnishings. Versace’s opulent designs struck a chord with the Italian public and he became a national figure. In 1993, Liz Hurley wore ‘that dress’ and Versace became an international superstar designer. He befriended the likes of rock stars and British royalty. The brand is now known for its links to celebrity and fame, still sitting near the top of the fashion world. From bags to shoes Versace’s designs are revered by millions. His tragic murder in 1997 means we’ll never get to see what unique designs the genius would have developed. The company today is said to be worth over 2 billion dollars.

3. Gucci

The iconic Gucci is a very old company that started sometime in the late 19th century. They manufactured high end leather goods, clothing and various other fashion products. The founder Guccio Gucci took inspiration from working in hotels in Paris and London taking ideas back to Italy and opening a store in Florence during 1920.

Guccio’s three sons helped develop and expand the brand across Italy and by the 1950s had an office in New York. It was during this period that Gucci became known internationally as a high end, quality fashion brand. Gucci became a status symbol for the rich and famous gaining a superb reputation globally. Over the years Gucci has been copied many times due to its distinctive lines and luxurious designs. Gucci screams luxury and over the top opulence. Many famous actors and musicians are seen wearing Gucci as its ‘status symbol’ appeal still remains strong. It rightfully takes its place on our list of top Italian designers.

4. Armani

Armani was one of many italian fashion brands to start up during the 1970s. Giorgio Armani started his brand selling haute couture items and ready wear designs. He quickly added accessories to the lines and the brand went from strength to strength. Armani rode the wave of Italian design popularity during the 70s and 80s and became synonymous with success and quality. Not only do Armani make and design clothing. They have a large property side to their company including a series of hotels across Europe and America. Today sales generate over 2 billion dollars a year.

5. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana were founded in 1985 during the height of 80s excess. The brand, to a degree, reflect this within their designs. Gold, gordy designs make up a large part of their appeal. When you see someone in Dolce and Gabbana you know about it. In 1988 the company launched its swimming costume line making them one of the most famous brands in the world. In the 90s they branched out into fragrance and won many awards that year. Today they stand as one of the richest clothing companies in the world and fans across the globe wait eagerly for the next season collections.

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