How To Dress To Make Legs Look Longer

Height is not all, body proportion is the most important. Even if you are tall but your body is in bad proportion, you won’t seem tall. If your body proportion is 5:5 or 6:4. That means the upper part of the body is quite long, while the lower part is comparatively short. Then if you are faced with such a problem, how should you match clothes to embellish your body proportion?

Take Advantage Of Clothes Cutting

How to choose cut-out clothes? Actually, it’s like choosing high waist tunic dress, straight pants, and other high waist cut-out clothes. For high waist cutting design, one of the most wonderful points is that it can modify the shortness of the lower part of the body, which means it can shrink the proportion of the upper part of the body and enlarge the proportion of the lower part.

Slender Waist And Thick Legs

If the upper part of your body is long, and you have the slender waist and thick legs, you can choose high waist skirt which can raise your waistline and embellish thick legs. You’d better choose skirts whose length is not exceeding knee length. Remember to choose simple design. Don’t choose a figured or complicated design dress, or you will look shorter.

Body Proportions Are Not Good And Not Tall

If you have the long upper part of the body and you are not tall, then you can’t wear long clothes. The matching loose long top will actually make your legs look shorter. Girls whose upper parts of the bodies are fairly long and they themselves are quite short had better choose short tops.

Embellishing With Belt

When wearing dresses especially maxi dresses, you can fasten a belt around the waist. Pay attention that the belt must be fastened in the middle of a high area. That is the place several centimeters above the navel. The slenderest part of your waist can be highlighted in this way. Visually, not only will your waist look slender, but also your legs are highlighted to be much longer.

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