How To Maintain And Care Of Leather Shoes

As the saying goes: fine feathers make fine birds. When we spent a huge amount of money on a pair of leather shoes, it proves that we have a requirement for our own dressing image, and even pursuing quality. Take good care of your leather shoes so that you will be rewarded.

Why Should We Maintain Leather Shoes?

Frequently we neglect the maintenance of shoes after buying them. Usually, our cars will get routine maintenance, so the same should be for the shoes actually.

The whole outfit with shoes can add charm to you. In socializing, it is just as important as face score. And It’s like a pair of horseshoes that let you go all the way. So you should treat it well and sooner or later you will be rewarded.

What To Do When You Get New Leather Shoes?

When we get a new pair of shoes, we can’t wait to put on it. The hardness of new shoes can’t be avoided. After a week or two, the shoes will slowly fit your feet and make you feel comfortable.

Leather Shoes

It is not recommended to wear a new pair of shoes to go out to meet clients, for new shoes are not suitable for long-time walks. You can put it on to go out after you have worn it several times in daily work life. Only in this way can you put on the shoes with the facility as well as increasing your confidence.

Learn To Let Your Shoes Rest

Faced with your favorite shoes, you can’t wear it every day. It is necessary to prepare a few pairs of different styles of shoes to wear, which is helpful for leather recovery.

Dispose Of Dirt In Time

After ending a whole day’s journey, it is necessary to clean up the dirt of the shoes in time.

How To Save Leather Shoes

As we all know that shoes should be placed in the shoe cabinet to avoid the sun’s rays. It is best to put them in cloth bags to avoid dust. Even if placing them on shoe racks for convenience, don’t put them in plastic bags, because it’s more likely to breed mold.
If you are sure not to wear them in a long time, put them in a dry cabinet for shoebox either. Also, you need to take them out to maintaining at intervals.

Give Your Shoes A Bath To Replenish Moisture

Leather shoes are just like skin which also need of moisture. If you wear them frequently, you can wipe them twice a week. Not only will this way keep gloss of shoes’ upper part, but can also maintain the softness of the leather and prevent cracking.

Many people will do this, but don’t wipe the shoes just before going out. You should smear polish or cream on the shoes, and after 1-2 hours, clean it with a brush.The reason why we all say that a pair of exquisite leather shoes can reflect one’s character is that your best is expressed through frequent cleaning and careful care of shoes. Perhaps this is one of the charming aspects of leather shoes.

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