4 Ways To Wear Sock Boots To Keep Up With Trends

Do you want to keep up with fashion trends? Every time the seasons change, many people will ask themselves this question. Of course! But do not wear too fancy, that looks like a Christmas tree. For example, sock boots as a classic fashion item, can add a lot of points to the overall mix! Here we provide you 4 ways to wear sock boots keep up with trends.


Skirt With Sock Boots


The sock boots have the effect of lengthening the leg lines, and if the match with a skirt, they can better modify the leg lines. Especially the high waist style, the effect will be better. This combination is still very suitable for the girl with a pear-shaped body, that can cover the buttocks and can also visually lengthen the legs.

Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg

This is a more classic retro outfit. It is suitable for girls with a pear – shaped body and girls with H – shape. Not to mention a girl with a petite body. Especially recommended for nine-point wide-leg pants, so that you can expose the thin ankles and make your legs look thinner.

With Dress


If you want to make your mix unique, then dresses match sock boots are definitely the first choice. Elegant dresses with street-inspired sock boots, the visual impact is unforgettable. Or with a velvet dress, it looks more gorgeous.

Medium Long Hoodies


Neutral street style oversize hoodies with sock boots is perfect for tall girls. Especially the autumn season is very suitable for this outfit. Girls who are petite can change into long boots so that they can raise strengths and avoid weaknesses.

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