How To Remove Hairs From The Wool Coat

What should we do if hairs stick to woolen overcoats? It’s common that woolen overcoats are stained with hairs. So are there any small tips to remove hairs easily? Let’s take a look.

Remove Hairs – Sticky Hair Cloth

The sticky hair cloth just like a roller which is covered with sticky papers. Each time you want to remove fur or something like hairs from the overcoat, just hold it to push on the clothes. Then the fur and hairs will drop off. It’s convenient to use but not very expensive.

Remove Hairs – Transparent Adhesive Tape


It is also possible to use transparent adhesive tapes, preferably a very wide one which is used to stick hairs on the overcoat directly. Usually, we should pay attention to separate the clothes for preservation, including when we wash them. Don’t put the overcoat with hairy clothes, especially do not put the woolen overcoat on the blanket.

Remove Hairs – Sponge

Hair Sponge

After the clothes dry, some fabrics stick floccule easily. You can easily remove the stains by using a dry sponge which is soaked with water before to scrub on the surface.

Remove Hairs – Anti-Static

Anti Static

Most times hairs stick to woolen overcoats, it’s because friction generates static electricity. You can soak the clothes in static laundry liquid detergent which can eliminate static electricity. Pay attention not to dehydrate the clothes for so many times in ordinary washing, or static electricity will be increased.

How To Properly Maintain Wool Overcoats

About Washing

Washing should be avoided for woolen overcoats, because it may cause shrinkage. Machine washing is even not allowed, for it may even cause deformation. If woolen overcoats get dirty or are stained, clean it immediately. Develop a good habit instead of being lazy. If it is stained with juice, you can use a hot towel to wipe the dirt. If it’s stained with tea or coffee, stains out it with dry towels. If it is stained with mud, first wait for the clothes to dry and rub, and then brush the mud with a wool brush. If it’s the oil, wipe it with a dry towel. Do not let the stains remain in case of arduous cleaning of stubborn stains.

About Clean

The woolen overcoat is different from the suit which is made of cloth, it’s woven with thread. Therefore, once dust that is difficult to remove sticks to woolen overcoats, you cannot use a brush to clean it. Pure wool fabrics are different from chemical fiber fabrics, the former has the characteristics of being easy to generate static electricity. However, dust sticks to the overcoat once you wear it. There is a special roller in the market, which is very effective in removing such dust.


For the conservation of woolen and cashmere overcoats, clothes should be conserved after washing when seasons change so that they won’t get mildewed. You should open the wardrobe for ventilation at intervals during storage to ensure a good air circulation. Hang your clothes after wearing, and do not expose it under the burning sun. The woolen overcoat has a certain natural recovery function which is wiping off all its little ruffle produced from the day. Put some mothballs and take the clothes to dry cleaners for washing.

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