5 Minimalist Style Outfit Ideas For Autumn And Winter

You won’t be looked encumbered by too much autumn and winter outfits. As we often hear a saying which describes “simplicity”: less is more. It means remove nonessential and to be extremely simple. So today let’s talk about minimalist style.

autumn t-shirt

Suit Series

Girls prefer to wear suits in autumn. If you want to look mature and classy, you can choose plaid and camel series. Multicolor tone gives people a feeling of mismatch.

autumn jacket

Of course, if you want to be tastefully dressed in a simple style, as for the color, the softer the better. You can see from the two pictures that most girls can’t hold the much brighter color.

autumn look

The black suit is also a choice. If you don’t want to be looked upon as sales personnel, match the suit with jeans will be OK.

Another thing here is that the clothes inside the suit are also very important. Choosing light color shirts or t-shirts which can highlight your complexion perfectly. Compare those two pictures, you will find that changes in inside clothes and bottoms will bring about instant changes of style.

Shirt Series

We can’t live without shirts all the year round. Whether a piece of clothes make you stand out or not relates to classy quality. Therefore, a shirt which can highlight your temperament must be in your wardrobe. Generally speaking, the price is high or low depends on the texture quality.

A shirt which highlights your temperament is needed especially for girls in the career. To buy three or five pieces of ordinary clothes is not as good as buying an article of textured one. Minimalism is not equal to cost-free. Remember the principle that quality over quantity.

Girl Students can shop based on their condition. In order not to look so serious, the vintage plaid shirt matches solid pants or skirt seems a good choice. The concept of minimalism lies in the comfortableness and simplicity of clothes.

Inside Clothes Series

Most times, the fancy design is unnecessary for matching. The simplest look with the sense of classy quality indicates that you are good at dressing.

Black and white autumn clothes match different bottoms, which can create various looks. That’s why girls are keen on classic colors.

Gray suit pants will match different tops. Girls can learn this simple matching style. The extremely brief outfit is not limited to black and white. It’s OK to add the vintage plaid element or the same tone to classic colors.

Sweater Series

A sweater is practical in winter. Cardigan is necessary for girls who like the romantic and stylish style. It’s better to choose earth tone and all kinds of classic colors because they match clothes easily.

Windbreaker Series

Windbreaker is popular among girls of any age. It brings about unisex and cool style. The majority of European and American fashionistas wear the oversize windbreaker, not only because they are eye-catching in street snap, but also because Europeans and Americans have the big body shape.


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