How to Choose the Right Coat For A Maxi Dress

Who says maxi dresses are reserved only for summer? In the autumn and winter seasons, you can wear long skirts, whether it is printed maxi dress, a strap dress, or a maxi skirt, as long as you with a coat, you can resist the cold autumn and winter seasons. How to choose the right coat for a maxi dress? Here’s a guide on some dress and coat combinations that will never fail.

Maxi Dress With Denim Jacket


Wear a slim maxi dress with a denim jacket, it is comfortable and warm and can also outline the body curve perfectly, showing the feminine charm. Wearing red high-top canvas shoes can create a classic style.

With Jacket

What kind of coat to wear with maxi dresses? You can never go wrong with a leather jacket – no matter the outfit or season. Wearing a leather (or faux leather) jacket over your dress bring effortless vibe that can really change the look of your outfit. The jacket is paired with a black-and-white printed maxi skirt and white shoes, which are very fresh and stylish.

With Blazer


Blazers can be quite fashionable when picked the right outfit. Mixing the dress with blazers, seemingly simple but fashionable, and feminine.

With Baseball Jacket


Black baseball jacket with a white dress and white high-top shoes, look simple and stylish, they can emphasize women’s elegance.

With Trench Coat


The trench coat is essential for autumn. Trench coat with the maxi dress, cool and eye-catching. Choose a bright yellow dress with a gray windbreaker jacket and white sneakers that are significantly higher and thinner, and easy to catch the eye.

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