4 Fashion Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Low-heels and flats are becoming more and more popular recently. They soon become essentials for office ladies in their work and daily life as their comfortableness and chicness. Below we select 4 fashion shoes which are easy to match, including flats, mules, kitten heels and loafers.

Fashion Shoes – Ballerina Flats

It’s not surprising that flats must be necessities for all because they are light, comfortable and suitable for both young girls and light mature women. The Ballerina flats are soft and simply designed, your feet won’t be tired even you put them on to go here and there and have meetings all day.

Fashion Shoes – Mules

Mules is stem from nobility’s heels in 17th century and “mules” originate in French, which mean shoes without covering heels. And they can be heels or flats. Not only are this kind of shoes of changeable design, it will neither be too formal nor too casual. If you dislike formal and inflexible business suit or coat, then put on a pair of mules which help to create a go-as-you-please style.

You can put on the shoes at will no matter they are flats or heels. They are very trendy. Your slender ankle will be exposed outside, making you look more slim.

Fashion Shoes – Kitten Heels

Most girls like to wear heels, because they make you look tall and slim. But one disadvantage is that your feet will be tired if you walk or stand for too long. So they are not suitable for office ladies who often go out. However, this problem can be solved with a pair of such low-heels. The thin low-heels make you look tall, and most importantly, your feet won’t be tired no matter how long you have walked.

The name kitten low-heels derive from America in 1950s. In order to make underage girls easily get accustomed to heels later, this kind of low-heels just act as training shoes whose heel height is nearly between 3-5 centimeter.

It’s graceful when kitten low-heels match maxi skirt. Compared with heels, kitten low-heels will not make the whole style seem too mighty or gorgeous. Besides, when matching jeans, you will look more elegant and feminine with this casual style. It’s very suitable for daily dressing.

Fashion Shoes – Loafers

Loafers are unisex. You can go out immediately due to its advantage of convenience and comfortableness. No matter you follow a simple and mature dressing style, or wearing eye-catching clothing, it’s OK to put on a pair of solid modest loafers to make a balance.

Loafers are a kind of playshoes which are easy to put on or to take off. You don’t need to lace up the shoes. Loafers seem formal among numerous playshoes, so they are suitable for office or workplace.

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