5 Stylish Ways To Wear A Shirt


Everyone should have one shirt at least in their closet. Its color materials are varied and have various styles. There are hundreds of ways to wear a shirt. Here, i’ll show you 5 stylish ways to wear a shirt.

Bottom Of Shirt Tucked Into The Bottoms

The shirt buttons don’t have to be fully buckled. Just plug the corner of the shirt into the bottom, which is with the natural and slightly lazy temperament.

Bralette Over Shirt

Many times, some tube tops or camisole will feel too sexy when worn directly, so we can stacking on the outside of the shirt, the effect is surprisingly good, not only to avoid too sexy and also looks stylish simplicity.

Wear A Shirt With Obi Belt

Obi belt is a magical item accessory that makes the simple mix very stylish. The wide obi belt is suitable for tall people, and the thin obi belt is suitable for petite people. A fancy girdle, such as a leopard-like sequin element, will look very energetic.


It’s cool to wear a shirt backward. Turning the front side to the back, the back looks particularly good. If you want to have a little sexy may wish to buckle clasp behind only half, so that it becomes an open-back shirt.

As A Dress

Yes, you read that correctly. You can wear it as a dress. This is a very classic way to wear. Boyfriend style shirt can be worn like this. It can be sexy and casual, the style is changeable.


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