7 Office Dress Code Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow

What to wear in the office could be a knotty. Follow the 7 do’s and don’t of women office wearing below, easily to make sure you wear correctly in the office.

Short Dress For Office Wearing

Short dress is much pretty and cool in summer, but be careful to dress in a right way to make sure your outfits don’t be clashed.

Do’s: Choose a simple monochrome, pinstripes, stiff cuts styles are more formal. For example, a single of piece shirt dress with a belt, looks simple and stylish, while not losing the cool in summer.

Don’t: The little dress that you would like to wear is better reserved for the holiday. The suits with gorgeous or complicated patterns, effusive or bold color are also not in consideration. The skirt is too short or the neckline is too low is not suitable for wearing the office.

Denning Rules For Office Wearing

Although Denning is a symbol of leisure, in the gradual opening of the workplace. Tannin has become a common official wear in the modern workplace.

Do’s: There must be one piece of denim trousers in each closet, which is a safe choice. Especially the straight or loose style can work more comfortably all day. The versatile denim jacket is indispensable in the air-conditioning of the office.

Don’t: Although the denim shorts are popular, but the the avant-garde design is better to use out of work, taking care of the line between youthfulness and casual wearing.

Vest For Office Wearing

The vest is the best item for summer, but being overly exposed may undesirable in the office.

Do’s: Choosing a shirt-style vest with a collar is a very safe summer-style. The shoulder-cut design is also a good choice for versatile and cool.

Don’t: Avoid the Crop top style that reveals a big belly, and be careful the low neckline style. Trends that are too sporty and casual should be removed from the list of work wearers.

The Sandals For Office Wearing

Summer is the season of exclusive sandals. What are the main points to wear?

Do’s: Choose a simpler style, with an elegant high-heeled design, make the sandals fade away from the casual style, instead of a low-key ladylike vision.

Don’t: Sporty sandals are reserved for vacations, and Birken shoes, flip-flops, and sports slippers can’t be competent as office sandals.

Skirts For Office Wearing

Get rid of the impression of lively youth, short skirts can also become a fashion to wear in the office.

Do’s: Master the principle of “low-key, texture”, using short skirts with simple patterns and low-color colors, diluting the impression of excessive youth, and wearing a complete suit jacket is more capable.

Don’t: The overly handsome patent leather material, the high-profile bright color, or the sweet and fancy cake skirt are better for the party.

See Through Style For Office Wearing

See through style is common on the street. The faint sense of perspective enhance the vision richness. How can we wear rightly in the office?

Do’s: Master the “not shy” wearing focus, such as a high-density openwork design, or a combination of a large coverage area to keep workplace etiquette.

Don’t: Conversely, a bold perspective that can’t be unbearable should be left outside the office.

Shirts For Office Wearing

The same pattern, choose the right style to create the right office wear.

Do’s: The most common basic element in the office: shirts, also can be the stylish summer trend. Wear black, white gray and other monotonous, plain and slight floral also can increase variability.

Don’t: Forsake to use the ruffles, flat cuts to create sweet or sexy styles. These are not suitable for formal office wear.

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