How To Wear A Sweater? 4 Hottest Ways You Should Know

How to wear a sweater? Recently, I found a kind of magical technique that “make plain immediately become fashionable”, that is, the sweater is draped over the shoulder. This kind of trick not only solves the temperature difference problem perfectly but also makes the sweater a perfect accessory.

It also makes your color sweaters easier to match, even with regular T-shirts but also looks elegant and casual, making the overall look richer.

Shawl Style

The shawl style is the easiest way to wear it. As the name implies, the sweater is unfolded and draped over the shoulder to make the sleeves sag naturally. Casual and natural, with a hint of autumn will feel.


  • Suitable For Thick Sweaters: The biggest feature of this kind of wearing method is that it does not need to be tied and the sleeves naturally sag, so choosing a thick sweater will not feel the shoulders are crowded and the chest is cumbersome. On the contrary, the contrast between thick and thin is more layered.
  • Suitable For All Stature: Because the natural sag of the sleeve highlights the middle part of the inner lap, it is visually more longitudinal and has a slimming effect.
  • Rich Overall Shape: This kind of wearing method can create a casual elegance, especially a bright color sweater, even if it is simply draped on the body, it can make the ordinary style become fashionable.

Sweater Make A Knot

Princess Diana, as the fashion benchmark of the British royal family, loves sweaters in her life. She used to put various styles of the sweater draped over her shoulders and made a small knot on the front to make the whole outlive look elegant instantly. This kind of wearing method was very popular as early as the 1980s. At first, the rich children and aristocratic students loved to wear it. Later, this method of wearing was quickly associated with the “aristocratic temperament.”


  • Create A V-neck Effect: This kind of wearing method is more suitable for thin sweaters. When you are tied a knot, pay attention to that the two sleeves do not too neat, and not too tight. Looseness can create a sense of casual. An inverted triangle is formed at the neckline, and a V-neck effect can be formed to effectively modify the face to achieve a slimming effect.
  • Improve Dress Sense: Choosing a sweater that is different from the overall color can increase the layering, or the sweater echoes the color of the item in the outfit, making the overall look more harmonious.
  • Alternative Scarf: When the weather is colder, tie the sweater tightly. It will be a beautiful scarf, which is fashionable and warm.

Sweater Oblique Shawl

After the sweater is tied, pulled it obliquely. This asymmetrical arrangement looks more natural and easy.


  • Suitable For All Sweaters: Many girls’ sweaters belong to bat-shaped, drop-shoulder sleeves, and the sleeve length is generally short. This method also solves this problem.
  • Visually Taller And Thinner: This method creates a sense of asymmetry that visually stretches the proportions at the neck and looks more slender.
  • Modified Shoulder: This method of wearing is also particularly suitable for shoulder wide people, slightly pull it, cover the shoulder with one side, reveal the other side of the shoulder, visually blur the shoulder line, and modify the shoulder shape.

Sweater Tied To The Body

This will be slightly exaggerated compared to other wearing methods.


  • Stronger: If you have the confusion that “the sweater on your shoulder is falling when you are walking”, try this method.
  • More Sense Of Style: This kind of wearing method is special, and you can show your fashion sense inadvertently.
  • Visually Thin: Similarly, the slash cut effect of this style of wear will make you look slim, ideal for wearing a white shirt or white T.

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