How To Wear Stripes

If you don’t like clothes too monotonous and don’t like too many fancy patterns on your clothes, stripes is the best choice. Then, how to wear stripes?

▼ Striped T-Shirt With Shorts

The easiest way to match a striped T-shirt is with comfortable shorts. This match is very suitable to wear when shopping with friends, but they are also very suitable for school wear! If you think this is too simple with style, you can also wear a number of accessories to the overall mix to add some highlights. You can add a belt or pair it with a pair of comfortable sneakers to make it look more sporty.

▼ Striped T-Shirt With Jeans

Another casual style is a striped top with a comfortable pair of jeans. They are easy to match, but also most of the style is very comfortable! Jeans are a must-have single item, because they can make a good look to match any type of tops. You can match sandals or sneakers to create a casual style, or pair it with a pair of high heels or a blazer for a more formal style. You can choose any style of jeans, whether cut-off shorts, ripped jeans or even an ordinary pair of jeans.

▼ Striped T-Shirt With Denim Skirt

Hile denim skirt outdated for some time, but now they are back in style. Just like jeans pants, they also come in many different styles. If you want a more ladylike look, then you can choose an A-line denim skirt with a button, or if you like the sexy style, try wearing a pencil denim skirt and add a belt.

▼ Striped T-Shirt With Overalls

If comfortable is the primary consideration when you match clothes, then you can try some dresses or jumpsuits. Although they look less formal, they are ideal for occasions where going out with friends or eat with the family. They also come in different styles, so depending on your choice, you can choose shorts or pants for casual occasions, or choose a ladylike skirt. Striped tops are perfect for dresses or jumpsuits because of they both simple and beautiful. Some of the more patterned tops look too complicated when paired with a dress or jumpsuit, not as simple as a striped top. Some have more patterned tops look too complicated when paired with a dress or jumpsuit, not as simple as a striped top.

▼ Striped Romper

Jumpsuits usually have many different patterns and designs. Of course, stripes are the more common patterns. Although striped jumpsuits are usually more resort-style, they are not only suitable to wear when beach trip. Striped jumpsuits will look comfortable and laid-back, perfect for going out for lunch or dinner with friends. If you do not want to let this match looks too casual, you can pair it with some comfortable wedge heels and add some decorations.

▼ Striped T-Shirt With Trousers

Although the striped top and jeans will look better, it doesn’t mean you can’t match other trousers. If you plan to wear a striped top to work, you can pair them with suit pants. You will look professional and stylish, but the most important thing is that this look won’t take a lot of time to pick! On the other hand, you can also pair them with some loose pants to create a casual style. Paired with loose pants both suitable to wear to work, but also for wear at the weekend.

▼ Striped Dress

Dresses come in many different patterns, colors, and styles, and the most common pattern is stripes. Because dresses come in many different styles, you can wear dresses on many different occasions. If you are planning to go out with friends, try wearing a sling stripe dress. If you want to wear it on a more formal occasion, you can choose a tight-fitting striped dress. If you want to wear it at school, the T-shirt dress is the best choice.

Now, you already know how to wear stripes. If you like striped clothing, try these outfits!

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