How To Choose The Right Clothing Color According To Skin Tone

When it comes to buy clothes, many girls can’t calm themselves down. They buy more and more clothes. For some clothes, they dislike them after wearing only once and will never put them on again, Gradually the clothes are buried in the bottom of wardrobe. Hence it’s not better to buy more and more clothes, but to choose the correct color based on your skin tone that matters.

Now i will teach you how to choose the right color for yourself. Let’s categorize color into cold tone, warm tone and neutral tone.

▼Cold Tone

Blue and green belong to cold tone in perceptual intuition, but every color can be either cold tone or warm tone. A purplish red is cold tone, and the likely navy blue and purplish blue are also cold tone. Besides, all cream color is more like cold tone and it’s fine in summer.


In the first place, girls who have slight yellow or dark skin tone are afraid of making people feel dirty when they choose the wrong color of clothes. So cold tone suits them best. Because not only can cold tone highlight their skin tone, it can also make them look clean and refreshing.

As a matter of fact, there are many choices among cold tone, such as navy blue and baby blue, both are very chic colors. Matched with the same blue jeans, looking finely balanced and nice.

Although girls who have fair complexion can hold any color, do not think that they are attractive when they dress in any color. The right color will best highlight your skin tone. Cold tone is often not suitable for people who have fair complexion, because it will make them look bloodless and pale.

It’s a secret that the lower part of your body should be covered with cold tone and warm tone in the upper part of your body should be close to your face as far as possible. Only in this way will your skin tone be highlighted to be ruddy and bright.

Except wearing cold tone bottoms, inside and outside matching is a good way to deal with cold tone. The clothes inside can be a warm tone t-shirt and outside a refreshing shirt, which makes you look young and vivacious.

▼Warm Tone

The so called warm tone refers to the reddish and yellowish color intuitively. To remember that greenish blue is warm tone and flesh pink and yellowish red is warm red. It’s not easy for girls who have yellowish or black complexion to hold warm tone. Matched with the carefully selected adorable and eye-catching warm tone bag and the same showy high heels, you will be in the spotlight instantly when you walk in street.


By the same token, you can choose warm tone bags and shoes to improve your personal temperament.

Warm tone will best highlight girls’ fair complexion, for it can fully reveal their temperament. Thus, put on warm tone clothes bravely.

The warm tone pink is extremely provocative. When dressing in pink, you look dirty if you don’t have a fair complexion, and you will be so proud if you have a fair complexion.

▼Neutral Tone

Neutral tone, namely black, white and gray. It’s a natural tone without any color blending. Don’t worry about losing face, because neutral color suits any kind of skin.

To tell you a little secret, if you have a yellowish or black complexion, avoid black to be all around your face as far as possible. Otherwise your face will seem like darker. All over your body in white is more likely to brighten your skin tone. Just have a try if you don’t believe it.

Girls with fair complexion have no worries and are free to wear what they like. The basic black, white and gray are nice colors, simple and decent, which are suitable for any occasion and can furthest show one’s temperament.

In reality, your unique temperament can be expressed if you choose the right color of clothes. I hope that everyone can find their own suitable colors of clothes in accordance with their skin tone after reading this passage. I wish all of you look charming everyday.

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