How To Clean And Care Of Your Leather Bags

Bags are necessities for women and many women’s houses are crowded with bags. We will give you some tips for care of leather bags. How to clean leather bags at home?

6 Tips To Care Of Leather Bags

How To Clean And Care Of Your Leather Bags


Polishing and waxing is a routine part. Don’t put bags under the hot sun, burning fire, or push them too hard, or place them with edge tools in case of making them be out of shape, change color and be scrapped.

Don’t use protective oil too often and for usage once a month is enough. Because it’s a double-sided chemical product that has more or less side effect. It has maintaining function as well as corrosion effect. Moreover, don’t use shoes oil.

Don’t put bags under strong light, otherwise the leather will dry off and the elasticity and softness will disappear gradually. Once your bag sticks to liquid or oil, first use clean cloth to scrub the surface and let the remaining oil leak into the leather. Don’t use water to wash the oil.

Water should be avoided for frosted leather. Using raw rubber to scrub the leather and special product to keep it clean.

When your bag gets wet, first use dry towel to absorb water and then fill your bag with some newspapers and magazines to let it dry. Don’t put it under the burning sun, or your beloved bag will change color and be out of shape.

Colourless and oilless maintaining cream is in need when the leather wears out. Let the cream leak into inside and then use a soft cloth to scrub the leather. In this way the brightness and gloss of the leather will reappear as well as preventing the leather from drying.

How To Clean Dirty Leather Bag?

First stick clean sponge to mild liquid soap, white spirit or alcohol to wipe the dirt. Next use clean water to wipe it. And at last let the leather dry off naturally. The leather care liquid and Pledge could be used as far as possible to clean the dirt. Be cautious of using the protective liquid too frequently in case of doing some damage to the leather.

How To Clean And Care Of Your Leather Bags

If your bag is stained with dirt by accident, you might as well use soap liquid or alcohol to erase the dirt, clean water to scrub the surface and then let it dry naturally. Cleaning solution may be used to clean the stubborn stain, but be careful of scrubbing and do not damage the surface of the leather.

How to clean leather bag stained with butter or grease?

Using clean cloth to scrub the grease, let the remaining grease leak into the leather and do not use water to wipe the grease. Pay attention to high temperature and hot sun. Don’t put bags under the sun or the heater, or the leather will become more dry and its elasticity and softness will disappear gradually.

How To Clean And Care Of Your Leather Bags

As a different type of active substance, bags are the same as shoes. It causes elasticity fatigue of leather easily if you use the same bag everyday. So just like wearing shoes, several bags need to be prepared for use. Not only does it fit costume matching to an extreme, but could also protect your bags better.

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