4 Tips Make You Walking Gracefully In High Heels

High heels are essential items for modern urban women. But there remains some little troubles when you wear heels. For instance, what to do when the shoes don’t fit for your feet?

Tips 1: Heels Are Too Narrow

Put the sealing bags with water into heels. Then put the heels in refrigerator and freeze them for a night. Water expands as it freezes, then you will find that your heels have become bigger. Take out the frozen bags and now you can put on your beautiful heels to go out.

Tips 2: Heels Tire Your Feet

Wrap your middle toe and the fourth toe with tape (If you think it a low way, choose some good-looking tape). Then you can walking gracefully in your high heels. It is said that this way can disperse pressure on feet, and won’t feel tired when walk for a few hours.

Tips 3: New Heel Is Too Hard

Don’t hesitate to roll the newspaper into a mass. Soak the newspaper with less water, cover a dry layer of newspaper from outside, and then squeeze the newspapers tightly and put them in the heels. The heels will absorb the water in newspapers so that they will become soft. It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

Tips 4: Heels Rub The Feet

Apply cream to your toes and both sides of the foot. if heel is in a similar situation, apply some cream on the foot sole.

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