How to Properly Wash And Care For Sweaters

The ability to properly wash and care for your sweater collection could very well add many years to the lifespan of each sweater you own. Let’s take a look at these skills for sweaters.

How To Wash Sweaters

Using an incorrect method of cleaning the sweater will cause the sweater to deform after drying, which is a pity. How to wash the sweaters? In general, sweaters are preferably dry-cleaned. If there is a hand-washing sign, it can be washed with warm water of up to 40 ° C and a special detergent.

When washing the sweater by hand, you can first flop the inner layer of the sweater, soak it in a fully dissolved detergent for 5 minutes, then slowly squeeze the sweater until it is completely wet. Refrain from twisting or wringing it out as that may compromise the shape of the sweater by stretching it out. Use warm water first, then wash with cold water and rinse off.

Sweaters should try to avoid dehydration with a dehydrator and should be limited to 30 seconds to 1 minute if necessary.

When washing sweaters, try to use more laundry detergent, so that the sweater is not so easy to deform, if it is used less, it is easy to deform.

Can The Sweaters Be Washed In A Washing Machine?

It is generally not recommended to wash sweaters with a washing machine. If some automatic washing machines have a separate sweater option, you can choose to wash them with a washing machine. If the washing machine does not have this option but you want to use a washing machine to clean it, choose a gentle mode to reduce the pull on the sweater.

If it is pure wool or a material that is easily deformed, it is recommended to dry clean or hand wash.

When washing your sweater, be careful not to pull the sweater, Instead, use a gentle way to focus on cleaning the collar, cuffs and other places that are most likely to be dirty. After cleaning, spread it with a piece of cotton cloth, then spread the sweater on the cotton cloth, let the sweater dry naturally, so that when the sweater is dry, it will be fluffy and not deformed.

How To Dry The Sweaters

Sweaters are the most difficult to take care of, and the wrong way to dry them can cause the sweater to deform. If you buy a tool that specializes in drying sweaters, it will be wasteful and take up space because there are not many opportunities for ordinary use. In fact, even if there is no special tool for drying the sweater, you can make good use of the existing resources of the family and dry the sweater.

First, press the sweater gently to remove excess water, then open a few small holes at the bottom of the plastic bag make the bottom of the plastic bag to be mesh, so that the water in the sweater can slowly flow out along the small hole.

Squeeze the plastic bag to allow the water to flow out faster, hang for an hour or so, the water in the sweater is almost lost, then the sweater can be dried on a hanger. Washed sweaters are best ironed with a steam iron before the next wear, which will be more fluffy.

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