Top Tips: How A Minimalist Lifestyle Can Improve Your Life

It’s easy to get bogged down in clutter, as we collect more and more things across our lives – even space is full with rubbish! Through various fashion and home trends, as well as makeup and exercise fads, our homes can be full to the brim of stuff we don’t use all that often.

Keeping hold of all this excess stuff, however, can have a negative impact on our lives. A cluttered environment can lead to a cluttered mind, meaning you are less productive, and less able to focus on what’s important to you.

Minimalism is about decluttering your environment, in order to declutter your life.

So What Is A Minimalist Lifestyle?

The idea behind a minimalist lifestyle is to change your mentality by reducing the clutter in your home and at work, as well as how you spend your time.

Reducing the amount of stuff you own is a big part of this, with a clutter-free environment leading to a more focused mindset thanks to less distractions around you. A living space with just necessary items will help to encourage a sense of calm, reducing the effects of anxiety and stress.

This philosophy should be applied across your work and social life too – spending more time on positive tasks that are of real value to you, and reducing the amount of physical and emotional clutter in your life.

Minimising your home

Such a radical change is something you need to adjust to slowly – while it may be tempting to clear out everything, this is not a sustainable way to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Instead, start with a few small, productive steps.

Firstly, go through your house and add duplicate items like DVDs and measuring jugs to a box, and put it somewhere out of sight for 30 days. If you don’t return to the box for anything in this time period, then donate it.

You can also create a small clutter-free zone somewhere in your home. Start with a countertop, or side table, and if you like this small, clutter-free space, then you can slowly expand it every day to achieve a clutter-free room.

Minimising your wardrobe

An area of the home that is most often packed with clutter is the wardrobe, and reducing the amount of clothing you own can be beneficial. Try reducing your clothes to a capsule wardrobe, or check out Project 333 – the challenge to dress with just 33 items for 3 months.

These approaches to fashion are designed to make life easier, by minimising your huge wardrobe, allowing you to put together outfits easily and quickly.

A good way to try out life with a smaller wardrobe is during travel. Next time you take a trip, try packing lightly for half the time you are away. Get the feel of travelling lightly and carrying less baggage, and see how you react to this experience.

Living a minimalist lifestyle can help to declutter our homes, wardrobes and minds, leading to a less complicated life focussed on the things that really matter.

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