Get Rid Of These Top 5 Bad Habits To Lose Belly Fat

See your belly, is it big? In fact, it’s the bad habits in daily life that cause abdominal obesity. Just break these top 5 bad habits, you can easily to Lose Belly Fat. OK, Let’s see what the top 5 bad habits are.

Lose Belly Fat – Do Not Eating Fruit After Meals

Many people are accustomed to eating fruit immediately after meals, but it’s wrong to do so. In this way, the fruit will be blocked behind dinner food and can’t be digested normally. It takes 2 hours to digestion and will lead to sugar accumulation.

Do Not Lie Down After Meals

Do you also like to lie down directly after meals and then you fall asleep accidentally? This behavior will easily cause food backflow, which will make you feel uncomfortable to a light extent and more seriously cause reflux esophagitis. After you fall asleep, food heaps in your stomach and then heat in food will turn into fat.

Do Not Strenuous Exercise After Meals

When doing exercise, your blood flow volume will increase. And then the blood supply of the intestinal tract and stomach will be affected. Gastric secretion will also be influenced, which causes bad food digestion. In addition, the volume of the stomach will become larger after eating. If you go to exercise, it will cause the stomach to sag.

Do Not Drink After Meals

Drinking a lot of water after meals will dilute gastric juice and digestive enzyme, and then food will can’t be digested and absorbed in time, the food will leave intestinal tract and stomach in advance. And therefore people will feel hungry easily, which leads to an increased diet.

Do Not Taking Shower Instantly After Meals

Taking a shower instantly after meals will fill in subcutaneous capillaries with too much blood of your body, while blood in the abdominal cavity will comparatively decrease. In the long run, dyspepsia and inanition will occur. And then this will get in the way of the normal physiological function of concerned organs.


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