Travelling: Why You Should Do It Now

There are many reasons to travel abroad. Simply because you want to, because you have some free time, because it beats staying at home or simply because you CAN.

Travelling: It is Easy 

Travelling around the world should never be hard, in recent years it has gotten far easier and cheaper. With more low-cost airlines popping up each year for both short and long-haul flights, getting around the world is cheap and it is easy to book independently online, bypassing expensive travel agents commission.

Additional to cheap and easy flights, there are now more ways of travelling. From traditional beach holidays and city breaks to volunteering abroad and work abroad holidays. Organizations can help plan the entire trip for you, including flights, accommodation and plan things to do.

Travelers no longer need to check into the tourist information center as soon as they land, they can check out what they want to do before they travel. Websites like Trip Advisor list the best things to do in a country and blogs and forums online are great with previous travelers posting the things you cannot miss when you visit. Even international travelers can book what they want to do whilst at home, planning an entire itinerary before they get there. Waking up abroad and knowing exactly what they have planned for the day, not wasting the holiday try to find things to do.

It Gives You Time To Reflect

The challenges and opportunities travelers experience abroad help them uncover things about themselves. It is important to travel with an open mind, it is an incredible experience that can make you a more well-rounded person.

For anyone stuck in a rut or beginning to stagnate, a round-the-world trip can be a perfect way of transition from one stage of your life into another. It provides the perfect setting to reflect upon where you’ve been.

Planning a trip of a lifetime is something we’ve all done, dreamt up the perfect route and planned each destination but for the few who actually take the plunge and embark on that adventure, there is a massive sense of accomplishment. The sense of satisfaction taking a dream and turning it into a reality.

You Meet Amazing People

Some of the people you meet overseas will become the most valuable and important people in your life, often planning second and third trips – already knowing you travel and work well together. Meeting others from around the world makes a great excuse for another holiday, getting away to catch up with them again. Get out of your friends’ circle and meet others from all around the world and from different walks of life.

Even upon returning home from your travels, you will have more interesting conversation and you’ll likely meet more interesting people because of it. Even the most boring and mundane topics are interesting when set in another destination. People pay more attention when a conversation starts “last year travelling around Asia…”

Learn a New Language And More

There is a sense of satisfaction and pride in being able to speak the local language. Locals appreciate travelers who make an effort to learn their local language and speak with them. Learning some basic phrases, ordering your meal or booking a room in another language. And you will have a chance to make friendships with locals you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Travelers aren’t limited to just learning another language abroad, there are a lot of transferable skill they pick up.

One of the biggest things that travelers learn abroad is all about another culture. At home it is easy to believe there is only one way to live a life and get caught up in our way of living, but meeting locals abroad can open up your eyes to many other cultures and local customs different to your own.

There is no better time to travel than now. Here are some slightly more interesting ways to get out there and get under the skin of another incredible country and its culture:

Original Volunteers

World Packers

Couch Surfing


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