5 Ways to Style a T-shirt for Formal Wear

Who doesn’t love Graphic tees and shirts with bold catchphrases that highlight the things you’re passionate about? T-shirts were always thought to be nonchalant and something you wear informally. People love collecting their memorable concert t-shirts and high school band uniforms from some 20 years ago and love to show it off to their friends in some denims, and though they’re comfortable as heck, can they be stylish too. Sure you can sit back in your sofa with your favorite t-shirt and your pjs to watch a movie but what could you do to rock it stylishly at a formal occasion or at work? Here are 5 ways to make your t-shirt stand out and look stylish for a perfect formal night out:

Add a Jacket

One of the easiest ways to style up your look is to add a jacket. The details on the jacket could spice up the look with gold chained buttons and shoulder pads to bring the vintage look back. Some heels or gladiators and a stylish gold ring could do the trick. The thing you need to be careful about is overdoing it. If it is a jacket that covers your neck area a little, wearing a statement necklace might not be such a good idea.

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Pair it up with a skirt

A crop top or a T-Shirt don’t always need to be paired with denim jeans. Rock your shirt with thigh length skirt and gorgeous heels or wedges. A long chain necklace or a ring with some sunglasses can be perfect. Make sure the colors go well together, though, and don’t end up looking too loud.

Glitter up

Sometimes, all that glitter can be definitely Gold and more. The best way to give your look a very regal and formal styled up touch is to focus on regal colors like black, gold, and silver. Making any color darker or shinier would just do the trick but Gold works the best among them. You could go cocktail style with a gold sparkly skirt, big ear studs, heels and a clutch, or maybe just a necklace of gold and black. Your t-shirt would be just a hint of the look you’re going for. Make sure the shirt is of a lighter shade that doesn’t overpower the gold in your clutch and skirt. The way you wear your hair and how dramatic your makeup is can make a lot of difference and as for the earrings, choose them according to the way you have styled your hair. Tying your hair into a low bun often gives off a nice formal look, ideal for going to work, too.

Go floral

Floral designs are the most fun and vibrant to style because there is a wide variety of choices you can pick from. If you want to style your whole look around the shirt, pick one color from the design, check which color would complement it the most in the color chart and wear a long sturdy skirt or maxi under it. For example, a shirt with white and blue floral prints would look perfect with a black belt and a yellow skirt. When the colors on your dresses are vibrant, keep your jewelry big but to the minimum.

Back to black

Black is the one color that would never go out of style and it looks flattering on almost everyone. Take your favorite black high school jersey and keep the two colors in it to your focus. Style your whole look around the light and dark shades of black and white. With a floral long coat, stylish retro black ear studs the whole look will balance out on its own. For the bottoms, you can for a floral black and white knee length skirt to match your coat. To complete the whole look and add some final touches, a black ring on the finger, black nail polish or black sunglasses would work perfectly depending upon the time of the event.

There’s no need for you to only take your favorite t-shirt out from the closet on the weekends when you binge watch your favorite shows on a couch with some pizza, though that might sound like the most perfect weekend ever; let your shirts see the sight of the sun and style them up for work or any formal events!

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