3 Ways You Can Look Taller in Dresses

In recent years, the short skirts seem to be less hot, but the mid-length skirts become popular among the T-stage, street shooting, or magazines. From lively skirts to elegant mid-length skirts, the retro fashion is getting extensive attention.

Some people may complain that the mid-length skirts are unfriendly with the little person. Cause it makes them even shorter.

Could it be said that short one cannot wear a long dress to avoid being shorter? The answer is no. That must you wear it in the wrong way.

So, how to look taller in dresses?

Attach the picture below: the same top, so do the long skirt, Different ways of wearing can make quite different visual effect! Whether you wear a pair of pants or a skirt, if you want to be tall, you must pay attention to the “third waist line”! It’s obvious to see which side of the picture below is much better.


3 Ways You Can Look Taller in Dresses

Women always care if their legs are slender, Factly, it doesn’t affect to wear skirts, especially in the middle-length, you’ll look what you are as long as you settle the right waistline.

When wearing a long skirt, if you want to create a slender figure, the most effective way is to “put the hem of the top into the bottoms“, like the following series of street shooting.

3 Ways You Can Look Taller in Dresses


However some people doubt: if I have a big belly, will it exposed the disadvantage?

Actually, you can also tie a knot to achieve an equal effect.

As the mid-length skirt comes with the attributes of elegance and Exquisite, some people directly put the hem of the top into the waist of the skirt, which will look a bit serious, especially when matching the shirt. If this happens, you can try to tie a knot with the hem of the shirts, or the T-shirts, it will look more casual and can show your good body figure, and the big belly does not seem so visible.

3 Ways You Can Look Taller in Dresses


The third option is to wear a Crop top with a long skirt!

The Crop top is getting popular in these two years, matching with long pants, mid-length skirts, will be very charming and youthful! If the pants or skirt are high waist, it is a perfect match!

3 Ways You Can Look Taller in Dresses


In addition, pay attention to the shoes when you wear an elegant dress. If you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes, it will look more retro and mature. If you want to as graceful as a swan, ballet shoes could be your first choice.

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