11 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

With weddings galore and traveling now such a big part of our reality – many people are looking for travel tips on carrying their essential as well as occasion specific jewelry with them through their trips. We at izaara.com understand that jewelry is indispensable and have come up with some tips to help you carry it all around conveniently and effortlessly.

  1. Straws are a great travel buddy for jewelry. They are the perfect way to ensure that the necklaces you have don’t get tangled. By passing the necklace through the straw you essentially ensure that the necklaces remain easy to use and put on.
  2. Disposable plates made of foam are the best way to organize your earrings by sticking them through the plate so that the pair is never lost and is also easy to carry. Stick multiple pairs through the plat and you can have all your earrings in one place.
  3. Pouch the jewellery. Use dainty and beautiful satin pouches to keep all your jewellery. You can buy multiple ones to keep all your jewellery organized and well, just so you can have pretty pouches. Especially if the jewellery is low maintenance, these soft pouches are very convenient.
  4. Use a pill case – the kind in which people keep their daily medicine. Nothing beats the convenience of those tiny boxes for storing small earrings, rings or even chains. You can actually organize your accessories day-wise.
  5. Photograph your jewellery before you pack it. This is a good habit to get into. It helps you keep track of what you took along in case of any misplacement or mismatch. It helps to claim a lost piece if it is eventually found.
  6. Insure precious jewellery. If you plan on carrying precious jewellery, it is a good idea to get it insured pre-travel so that you rest assured of hedging your risk.
  7. Carry all jewellery with you in your carry-on luggage. Never put it in check-in luggage simply because it has the possibility of getting lost or even being handled roughly.
  8. Do not use cotton balls to store jewellery. They have the tendency of leaving behind fibres which get stuck in the accessory.
  9. Use plastic pouches to keep different pieces of jewellery separate especially if the pieces have stones in them. This is because the stones tend to rub against each other and come loose.
  10. Small habits make for smoother travel. Ensure that you assign a specific spot for the jewellery and put it back into that spot every time you use it.
  11. Carry a muslin cloth or an eyeglass cleaning cloth to wipe the jewellery clean before and after the usage of the same.  Leaving worn jewellery, with sweat on it, is storage, damages it.

These tips should definitely help make your travels smoother. Also, it is important to carry only essentials. Remember safety is of paramount importance and hence, here, less is more.

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