These 4 Smart Beauty Devices Will Blow Your Mind!

The impact of technology over the last couple of decades is undeniable, with the internet becoming central to our lives.

As technology continues to develop, in the very near future the internet will not be limited to computers and mobile devices. Using a development called the Internet of Things, everyday objects can be connected together using the internet.

Through this technology, appliances and objects can be upgraded to become ‘smart’, offering an enhanced user experience, and allowing you to control things remotely through your phone.

So what does this mean for the future of beauty and cosmetics? Here are four products that represent the future.

Smart hairbrush

The idea of using the Internet of Things to create ‘smarter’ technology is so that everyday objects will be able to tell us more information. For example, L’Oreal’s smart brush aims to help users improve their haircare.

It achieves this by monitoring your hair routine, telling you about specific texture or moisture in your hair, and even alerting you when you’re brushing a little too hard.

Smart objects like this, that collect and monitor information and essentially communicate with us, are designed to offer consumers greater levels of control and expertise.


There are so many nail trends floating around Instagram, and many are pretty hard to replicate at home. With the Nailbot, you can get awesome nail designs at home, by printing images directly from your phone onto your nails.

The nailbot uses Wi-Fi or bluetooth to transfer any image you select on your phone to your nails, and while it’s not out just yet, you can you can join the waitlist now.

If you grow tired of waiting, then you can always amuse yourself in the meantime with KFC’s new chicken flavoured nail polish

3D printed makeup

3D printed makeup

3D printing is a huge technological development, which is being explored across industries, including makeup and cosmetics.

The upcoming MODA by Foreo will allow you to 3D print makeup directly to your face. MODA allows you to browse through an extensive library of makeup looks, and select one to be printed to your face in as little as 30 seconds.

This 3D printer works by scanning your face before applying makeup in three layers, saving hours of contouring, and allowing you to change your look easily.

Another 3D printer called Soap01, enables you to print customizable soap designs from soap scraps. These two products demonstrate the range of applications 3D printing could potentially have for beauty and cosmetics.

Personalized skin care

The future of skincare is also linked to the internet, including the OKU skin sensor, which  analyses your skin and compares this info to a huge database of other people.

Through this data comparison, the OKU skin sensor will then recommend a skin care regimen tailored to your specific requirements and skin type!

These amazing technological developments are just the beginning. As the Internet of Things develops, you can expect to see many more smart devices and objects enter the market, with the future of beauty and cosmetics rooted in technology.

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