This Is How You Can Protect Your Colored Hair: Read Or Miss Out

It’s time to get a new vibe with the changing season, and it’s never complete without doing your hair. Summer is here again, and it’s time to cool off in a pool of water. The problem is, chlorine isn’t very friendly to colored hair but, you got to dive in any way because what’s summer without enjoying a dip in the water? Keep reading to know how you can make your hair color last longer and how to protect colored hair from chlorine so you can keep enjoying your dip without worrying about losing your pretty hair dye.

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This Is How You Can Protect Your Colored Hair

These days, as long as you can get a hair dye that’s safe for both your hair and your skin, a pair of disposable gloves, and a beautiful toothed comb that comes back-to-back with a hairbrush, it will only take 15 minutes tops to apply hair dye, and another 30 minutes or less to allow it to cling to your hair, depending on product maker’s application instructions. When you’re taking a trip, however, most especially if that involves a flight, watching your hair dye fade during your vacation can be utterly heartbreaking.

It is indeed harder to take care of dyed hair than to get it dyed. To ease your dilemmas, here are ten tips by which you can make your hair color last longer and keep it vibrant, regardless if you’re hitting the road or, taking a weekend staycation:

Tip No. 1: Make sure to color your hair with high-quality hair dye

Don’t settle for anything less. Spend a little more on a great product just because you just can’t make a substandard product perform well — period.

Tip No. 2: Choose a color that will last longer

This Is How You Can Protect Your Colored Hair

In general, bolder colors like red or orange will fade more easily than, say, coffee or chestnut colors. If your purpose is to get your hair boldly dyed then, this tip is out of the question but, if your dyeing is purposive, most especially to keep your gray hair covered, then you will be increasing the chances of keeping your hair dye longer by merely choosing shades that are closer to your natural hair color.

Tip No. 3: Don’t apply hair color on conditioned hair

The conditioner leaves a coat on your hair which makes it harder for your hair coloring product to cling to your hair strands. What it does instead is attached to the thin film your conditioner leaves so it rinses off immediately when you wash your hair following color treatment.

Tip No. 4: Go on no-shampoo days

Water tends to peel off your hair dye which clings to the outer sides of your hair strands. On no-poo days, it is not advisable for you to use a dry shampoo product only because it will scratch your strands and make you lose color and vibrancy just the same.

Tip No. 5: Refrain from taking hot showers

If the water is too cold for you, wash your hair and your body separately if you have to. Use only cold water and color-safe shampoo and conditioner on your dyed hair.

Tip No. 6: Heat treat your hair sparingly

Don’t blow dry or use your hair iron when you don’t have to, most especially on the week you died your hair. These tools can weaken the hold of dye on your hair strands and can cause your strands to become dry and brittle. When you have to heat treat, always use a heat protecting product.

Tip No. 7: Don’t deep condition

Do this fantastic idea to revitalize your hair a week before you dye it, never after.

Tip No. 8: Oil your hair before going swimming

Never mind the stickiness that can follow. What the oil does is coat your strands (water and oil don’t mix) so that your fat resists the water that can make your dye lose and wash off as a result.

Tip No. 9: Use a swimming cap

Keep your hair tucked inside a hat. Less water can penetrate, and less running water scratches against the dye attached to your strands.

Tip No. 10: Use sunscreen

Protect your hair from chlorine and UV rays by spreading sunscreen to coat every hair strand.


Wear your summer hair color longer by following these ten no-sweat tips. Keep your hair vibrant and healthy looking by protecting it from chlorine and other environmental elements that can make you lose your hair color long before it’s due.

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