The Hottest 2018 Swimwear Trends

It’s that time of year again, ladies. The countdown to swimsuit season has officially begun, and everyone’s getting ready. The good news is that the frustration of finding the perfect suit shouldn’t be a torturous endeavor this year. New trends are all over the place, many of them irresistible. Whether you love one-piece suits or spend the summer living in a bikini, at least one of these designs will appeal to you.

Belts on the Beach

The Hottest 2018 Swimwear Trends

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Well, it’s finally happened. Belts are finally trending with the one outfit we never thought would need a belt: swimsuits. Expect to see one-piece bathing suits with a contrasting statement belt strapped around the waist, all for show. More practically, belts are a fashionable detail on low-rise and hipster bikini bottoms this year. Don’t be surprised to see belts threaded through loops on bottoms. In those instances, a belt even makes sense—sometimes those ocean waves cause wardrobe malfunctions.

All jokes aside, belts and swimwear pair astonishingly well together. They might not always serve a purpose, but they look cool! Every year, it gets harder to find a swimsuit that highlights your personal style. A belt might do the trick. After all, the devil is in the details, even when it pertains to what you wear to the pool.

Get Dotty With It

The Hottest 2018 Swimwear Trends

You might not find yourself wearing an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka dot bikini, and that’s cool—no one wants to show up to the beach party looking like a ’50s cliché. That being said, don’t ditch the polka dots. The retro print is back with a vengeance. It’s a popular pattern for street-style ensembles, so it was just a matter of time before it filtered down into the swimsuit arena.

Go all out with this trend. Even sticking with traditional polka dot patterns guarantees a splash. Consider a bikini in a neutral palette or opt for a one-piece strapless bandeau with a sporadic sprinkling. Opt for a vintage-inspired design and a flattering cut. Women’s tankini swimwear is perfect for this, with an overall vibe evocative of playful pin-up styles.

Fruit Salad

Last year, cherries were everywhere. Something about that particular fruit is as vintage as they came. This year, cherries are still in vogue, but they’ve brought along their pals. Swimwear decorated with fruit patterns is about the light up the beach. Don’t like cherries? Don’t worry. Bananas lend a quirky aspect to any bathing suit. Pineapples, the tropical favorite, are on their way to a comeback, as well. Like cherries, pineapples suggestive a retro aesthetic. You can get funky with pineapples.

Swimming in Velvet

Full disclosure: velvet is not the most comfortable material to wear to the beach or pool, at least not if you intend to swim. The fabric tends to dry funny, plus it can get hot under the blazing sun. All the same, there’s something elegant and indulgent about a velvet suit. Bejeweled tones are among the most popular—emerald green, plum purple, burgundy, and dark blue, for example. Save this trend for those days that you spend lounging by the pool or on the sand. Women who choose to experiment with the luxury of velvet but still want to swim should bring their tote bags along to the beach. At the very least, you can smuggle in a water-friendly suit.

Swimwear with Sleeves

And you thought you’d seen it all. This year, beaches all over the world are likely to look more like catwalks or runways because there’s something sublimely haute couture about suits that have sleeves. Sometimes, it’s just a run of ruffles down the arm. Other swimsuits come with off-shoulder tops that will make you resemble a Southern belle sipping mint juleps by the sea. An asymmetrical, one-shoulder swimsuit is charming but beware of any item that reaches down to your wrists. That’s a little too much for the summertime heat.

Sporty Swimming

Hallelujah! Sports bras are finally making their way into the swimwear arena. That is to say that you can now find bikini tops with the same structure and support as a sports bra. Active swimwear depends on flexibility and comfort. You have to be able to move with the confidence that you won’t lose your top. Don’t worry, though. While practical, the sporty tops flooding the market are still fashionable thanks to the color palettes and pattern choices.

A Little Cheeky

Cheeky swimsuits are due to make an appearance on the beach this year. By “cheeky,” it means exactly what you think it means. Women are tired of feeling ashamed of their bodies. They’re more confident in their beauty and power, regardless of their age, size, or style. As a result of this DGAF attitude, look forward to seeing risque suits with cutouts, cheek-exposing bottoms, and thong designs. Bottoms are high-cut, particularly in the very back. The idea isn’t to expose your entire rear end, however. You just want to show off a little cheek. That’s all.

Some swimwear styles stay popular year after year. For example, the retro craze isn’t going anywhere, so pinup suits are still all the rage. Are you experimenting with any of the year’s trendiest designs? Be bold and try something fresh, even if you wait until vacation.

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