A Magic Planner by Abrie James That Will Help You Control Your Schedule and… Anxiety

Some things in life just have to be done on paper. I like writing down my plans because I am a visual person, and pen and paper help me visualize the plan of action.

As a social media influencer, I spend most of my day online. Everything in my life is digitized and battery-powered, and so were my multiple calendars for the longest time… until I started dating my boyfriend. The first time I saw him scribbling on a paper calendar on his fridge, I smiled. Who does it anymore, right?

Wrong. When it comes to planning, for visual people the big picture is worth a thousand key strokes. Without knowing it, my boyfriend gave me a brilliant idea to come back to planners as we knew them before the digital age. When I saw Aubrie James’ luxury planner designed for busy women and moms, I found IT: my new 2018 helper!

Abrie James is a smart, fun, fashionable line of daily planners and accessories that help busy women take control over their schedules and reduce stress in their lives through better planning.

“Being an overwhelmed and stressed out working mom is something I know first hand, because I was one!” says Crystal Sides (the Founder). “When I started looking for a planner to use at work and home to track my schedule, I couldn’t find one that was fashionable at a reasonable price.”

So Crystal and her husband (Ryan) set out to create a planner that was fun, smart and fashionable all at the same time.

“We don’t need polka dots and balloons to make us feel like the strong, smart, fashionable women we are!” says the Founder.

Crystal’s planner designs are inspired by runway glam and fashion. With notes of gold, teal, blacks and pinks, her stunning planners are designed to show off your sense of style.

Take Control Over Hectic Life with a Luxury 2018 Planner by Aubrie James

My planner arrived in a stylish black-and-white box with an extra surprise: a set of white and gold Thank You cards. Abrie James explained her simple idea in a short note that accompanied the cards: when you have an opportunity to write down all the things you are grateful for, your mindset changes. What a brilliant way to combat daily stress in busy women’s lives!

It happens way too often that in the midst of routine hectic we get overwhelmed and forget how many beautiful and precious things we have in our lives. So the planner has a full page for gratitude notes at the the end of each month!

Take Control Over Hectic Life with a Luxury 2018 Planner by Aubrie James

This is all about Abrie’s bigger mission. Through intimate and personal stories of frustrations, failure, lessons-learned, Crystal’s “A-Type Club” is a way for stressed out moms and professional women alike to learn how to “look like you have it all together”, even when you don’t.

Crystal shares “step by step instructions” and “tips and tricks” for eliminating stress and taking back the power and control over the direction of your life.

“Whether you’re looking to just get dinner planned or to end world hunger, you’ll love what you’re going to learn. We were never taught HOW to build successful, fulfilling lives, but that’s what the “A-Type Club” is all about.” says Crystal.

You can sign up for her easy hacks and insights on the Abrie James homepage.

If you would like to order this organizer for yourself, you can do it here or on Amazon. It’s one of several 2018 designs that can fit any style and taste.

Note: This post is a sponsored review.

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