Upcoming Pop Up Shop Events in LA, NY, & More

If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, pop up shops in the biggest cities in fashion are the way to go. From Los Angeles and New York to Montreal and Las Vegas, pop up shop culture is an emerging trend that gives you the opportunity to sample the passion some of the biggest and some of the smallest names in fashion have to offer. Check out these upcoming pop up shop events and learn more about what each city has to offer.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the place to be for urban fashion and a streetwear aesthetic. With a variety of variations on the athleisure theme, LA is making fashion all about comfort. Some of the coolest pop up shops you can expect to see include COS and Früt.

COS collaborated with a New York based architecture firm, Snarkitecture, to create a sort of set where the shopper experiences an unexpected space in which to explore fashion, architecture, and art.

At Früt, you’ll find that Fruit of Loom has been trying to lure the luxury lingerie crowd into its stores by creating an intentionally over-priced underwear boutique with a fake fancy sounding name. The high end guise introduced their products to a whole new audience successfully.

Since Los Angeles has tons of warehouse spaces and empty buildings, the pop up fashion industry has a lot to work with in the West Coast environment. With some of the most creative ideas and opportunities around, you may have to drive long distances from shop to shop to find the clothing you’re looking for and get your art fix.

Las Vegas

While many only see Vegas as a place to gamble and drink, the city actually has the perfect combination of desert vibes and electric energy to bring art, lounge aesthetics, and urban fashion together. From Sad Society to Burnt Boutique, you can expect to see more than just glitz and glamour on the strip.

The Sad Society will be in Vegas on 12/25 to introduce you to a contemporary pop up experience. From outdoor murals and contemporary art, in addition to their fashion offerings, Sad Society is about more than just fashion. Their pop up shop events will also be appearing in Los Angeles and New York in the coming months.

Burnt Boutique is a Downtown Vegas staple whose trailer is located just outside of Bunkhouse. Enjoy a cocktail while browsing fun clothing and accessories including denim rompers, jewelry, and more.

Most of the interest and action in Las Vegas is centered around the Strip or Downtown, so the pop up events tend to cluster around there too. If you’re visiting Vegas on a last minute trip, keep an eye for these events, as they’ll be all around casinos, malls, and show venues. You might even find some going on at your favorite stores at Caesar’s Palace or the Venetian!

New York Pop Up Shop Events

New York is the city that never sleeps — and it has enough fashion to keep even the most dedicated fashionista busy. Explore your options on the streets of New York with the Limited Too and Buy Me Brunch.

Limited Too caters to kids and teens with a brand that focuses on back to school clothing and accessories. With giveaways and promos available, the shop encourages young fans and their parents to participate in events and keep up with the company’s movements.

While Buy Me Brunch has a storefront in New York City, they bring their apparel to locations all around New York State and throughout the US. They’ve visited Burning Man and promoted their brand throughout New York while driving around in an old school Caddy limo.

New York city has so much action that you shouldn’t be surprised to find pop ups along some of the busiest streets at all hours of the day or night. Because rent in the big city is so expensive, many emerging clothing brands choose pop ups as a cost effective way to get their name out there. Prepare yourself to explore tons of unique designs and ideas when you explore events in New York.

More Pop Ups

Pop up shop events are becoming more than just a trend — they are a phenomenon! You can find pop up bars, restaurants, and ice cream museums — sometimes all at the same place. You’ll even see pop up events for your dog that provide a unique shopping for pet owners and their pups in the outdoors. Join this fun way to shop when you explore events in your own neighborhood or when you go on vacation to exciting fashion destinations.

If you’re looking for other cities that take pop up shopping to the next level, check out events in Montreal, Seattle, and Boston as well!

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