How to Dress for the Sweater Weather

There’s something great about just cozying up in a sweater during the Fall and Winter. In addition to bringing cool weather and beautiful multi-colored landscapes, Autumn also signals a wardrobe shift. Gone are sundresses and flip flops – it’s time for sweater weather.

Whether you love the fall and winter weather or are just searching for ways to stay warm as the weather turns cold, you’re going to need to update your wardrobe. So, as the time comes for layering, scarves, and sweaters, stock up on some style ideas:

Vintage and Retro Clothing

Vintage and retro wear is never out of fashion. Indeed, “vintage” and “retro” are monikers you can give to any style trend that has decreased in popularity, but you have decided to re-designate as en vogue. It’s magical to be able to make fashion choices that go against the grain, dub them with the wonderfully-hip vintage or retro label, then voila! –their socially-admired status is instantly revived.

Vintage and retro looks are super fun – funky patterns, bright colors, and unique cuts and styles are everywhere! Pair an awesome 60s-style miniskirt with a chunky knit sweater, some bright tights, and some funky accessories and there you go: you’re a mod queen with killer style!

If searching for that one perfect piece sounds fun to you, make sure to peruse your neighborhood thrift store. It is likely the best place to locate style jewels from yesteryear. Secondhand shopping also offers your best opportunity to find authentic blasts from the past for your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Fortunately, resale and thrift stores have surged in popularity in recent years, so it should not be difficult to find one near you.

Expressionist Wear

Expressionist Wear

Certain fashion styles encourage identity expression, which can be a nice change of pace from an industry not well known for supporting individualism. Fall and Winter can be dreary, and it’s easy to get lost in the dull colors that come with the seasons. When it sometimes feels hard to just be you, expressive attire is a simple way to promote your individuality.

The ability to put on a comfy sweatshirt that reflects your mood, such as those by The Sad Society, can feel liberating. Similarly, being able to wear a sweater or long sleeved tee that exhibits your favorite quote can be a subtle way to release pent-up emotions.

Expressing yourself through your wardrobe is one of the easiest means to get your point across, and you can do it by saying nothing at all. Wear your favorite sassy sweaters and let your true feelings show, whether through a funny quote stitched on the front or a grumpy cat emblazoned on the back of your jacket.

Camouflage and Military Apparel

Camouflage and Military Apparel
Camouflage is making a name for itself in the fashion world as the “new neutral”. You can find camo clothing, accessories, and outerwear in a variety of styles and colors at many retailers. However, if you aren’t interested in paying a fortune to obtain this now-trendy gear for back to school, visit your local military surplus store or consignment shop.

Frequently, secondhand shops carry an abundance of military clothing at great prices. Authentic military apparel can be costly for service members when purchased new, but careful shoppers have the opportunity to find amazing deals when seeking out gently-used treasures.

If you are interested in military attire, camo-style and beyond, make your way to the resale shops. You will be able to select from genuine cargo pants, khakis, full uniforms, fatigues and more. And, in addition to clothing, military outerwear can’t be beat for cold weather –stay warm and make a fashion statement with bomber jackets and heavy-duty coats.

Be forewarned, some stores separate their military wear from general goods – in which case, these items may only be available for purchase on a limited basis. If you are interested in military apparel, make sure to ask about the store’s policies.

Create Your Own Accessories

An awesome way to amp up your Fall/Winter wardrobe is by making your own accessories. And, luckily, it doesn’t have to be an extremely complicated process. Homemade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair décor can easily be yours with a visit to a craft store and with the dedication of some time.

Experiment with beads, charms, ribbons, leather and anything else you might envision to design your own masterpieces. Show off your inner designer with one-of-a-kind creations.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your sweater weather wardrobe, and make your mark without breaking the bank.

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