[Top 5 Tips]: The Complete Guide to Selecting Your Bridal Jewelry

Weddings can be a tiring business, especially when it’s your own. As the bride, not only are you expected to set up a pleasant ambience and entertain your guests but also to look your best. The latter has got to be the harder part. Clad in a long, heavy white dress with its frills and laces all over the place, heels, bouquets, and what not is certainly not for the weak at heart. Carrying such a multitude of heavy wearables requires more determination than one would imagine.

What most brides fail to realize is that the wedding dress cannot be half as bothersome as the jewelry. Most people buy or get jewellery made as an afterthought; whereas, jewellery is the final cherry on the top. Because it is bought as an afterthought, it ends up nagging you in the skin or being too heavy to carry. The right jewellery will make you feel fabulous and comfortable all day long along with bringing out the bling in your dress.

To help you make the right choice in bridal jewellery, below are five tips.

Match Your Metals


[Top 5 Tips]: Best Bridal Jewellery for Your Wedding

The basic purpose of any piece of jewellery is to accent the colours and flaunt the designs of a dress. You may not know this but certain metals go along with only specific dress colours. For instance, ivory is best paired with gold coloured dresses because it enhances the creamy tint of the fabric.

A pure white dress will get along with silver or platinum colored jewelry that has serene pearl detailing. Usually, gold looks slightly off with brighter white hues. Yellow gold, rose gold, pearl or cluster diamond earrings would look splendid on off-white or diamond white gown.

If your dress is already beaded, let the colour of the beads decide the base colour of the jewellery. For example, if the gown is adorned with silver beads, pick jewellery that has a silver base.

Consider Your Neckline and Hair Style

[Top 5 Tips]: Best Bridal Jewellery for Your Wedding

The neckline of your gown/dress plays a major role in determining the shape of your face and the hairstyle that would go along with it. It’s accentuated by adding an elegant piece of jewelry to the attire to help highlight a unique feature and add an exquisite touch to the dress.

If you have a strapless gown, you can skip the necklace and divert the focus on your jawline and collar bones with help of a classic pair of chandelier earrings. For a sleek look, aim for clear crystals with just a tint of colour. Make the earrings all the more valuable by picking a gem such as your birthstone. For a soft, fresh look, consider pinning a couple of fresh or silk flowers in your hair. And if you wish to take upon the day with vintage elegance, try on feather barrettes or art-deco style bracelets. Whichever way you pick, let it be dictated by the cut of your neckline.

[Top 5 Tips]: Best Bridal Jewellery for Your Wedding

You can skip neckwear on a strapless gown, but certainly not V-necks. A thin chain and an elegant pendant is the kind of décolletage decoration that never goes wrong. For a bolder look, a crystal choker with matching earrings will do the trick. But if you’re feeling really indecisive, pearls will always save the day.

Think Creatively

When it comes to wedding day paraphernalia, girls are mostly attracted to heavily bedazzled dresses and jewellery. They may please the eye momentarily but they are very impractical to wear, even for a couple of hours. However, if you are exceedingly fond of bling and dazzling stonework, wear a heavy dress with subtle jewellery.

Invest into jewellery that can be changed and worn later. If you buy heavy neck wear, get one that can be detached later. Multi-wearable or detachable jewelry can be easily converted into gorgeous pendants or small diamond earrings if you think it cannot be worn casually after the wedding.

However still, if you’re on a budget and jewellery prices are at a spike, you can always dig in your family’s old jewellery boxes. Revamping your mother’s old jewellery and giving the old classic styles a touch of contemporary would not only make your jewellery truly unique but also add emotional value to the piece.

Know Your Veils

[Top 5 Tips]: Best Bridal Jewellery for Your Wedding

Veils are the ultimate wedding day accessory that takes up more of the bride’s time than any other piece of jewellery. Veils are important because they add more style to your overall frame. For instance, a longer veil will enhance a petite body structure, finger-tip or elbow length veils are a better choice for taller brides, but birdcages and bandeau work for all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re going for flirty birdcages or royal cathedral-length styles, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your veil should be exactly the same shade as your gown. No colour blocking here!
  • Fit back the urge to overdo it; if your dress is already a galore of beads and frills go for a simpler veil.
  • Opt for a more subtle and sheer veil rather than one with two layers of tulle if the back of your gown has detailing that should not be veiled.

Think Beyond Earrings

[Top 5 Tips]: Best Bridal Jewellery for Your Wedding

Necklaces and earrings are not the only accessories to flaunt on your wedding day. For an additional touch of subtlety, consider a belt, sash or waist fastener. Very fashionable, these can add an illusion of curves to your overall ensemble.

You can go with a classic satin sash or a metallic leather belt. All you need to do is find the belt which accents your body type. Thin belts are for short torsos while wider ones look better on longer torsos. A beaded or V-shape applique is the last final touch you need to make your wedding dress unique and beautifully customized.

Wedding day preparations can be overwhelming. A friend who gives an honest opinion and good advice can help you along the way. Whatever dresses and jewellery you finalize for the D-Day remember that this day is special for you not because of what you wear but because of who you’re with.

Author Bio: Jinal Sampat

Jinal Sampat is jewellery designer at Sampat Jewellers Inc. Her focus is on innovation and creation of custom diamond jewellery pieces that are meaningful and hold long-term value. She creates versatile designs with Indo-Western elements. Jinal holds her graduate degree from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

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