8 Gorgeous Fashion Trends You Will Love This Winter

Runways are filled with winter fashion trends and styling ideas, there is plenty to make a selection. But, there are some that you will surely are going to love more this winter. We are going to talk about those hottest fashion trends of winter 2017 – 2018.

Latest fashion trends not only make you look and feel good, but underline your benefits on both personal and professional fronts. The right and trendy clothing can help you look more confident, it creates a lasting impression and empowers. So, let’s talk about the fashion secrets that will make you stand out this season.

1. Vintage Fur Overcoats and Glitterati Boots

Overcoats and Glitterati boots


Some things never go out of style and the same is happening with the fur overcoats. Last year it was more about trendy frills, but this year again the style is back to the basics with the return of vintage fur overcoats. They are warm, classy, and perfectly cozy for the winter season.

As far as boots are concerned, glitterati is the new favorite of the season, and it was very much evident on the ramps. All the big ramps were shining bright with the glitter of boots. Whether Chanel, YSL, or any other brand — all are taking the shining boot trend very seriously.

2. Off-road Boots and Plaids

Off Road Boots


Bright plaids of 70’s are coming back, but this time not only for the shirts, but for the formal gowns, pants, overcoats, and skirts as well. Plaids are bright, classy, and extremely versatile. All the big fashion brands like Prada, Tome, and Jenny Packham are following the plaid trend this winter.

Off-road boots are exclusively made for fighting the winter weather with high-quality waterproof leather, and a thick insulated sole. There are knee-high boots and smart ankle boots as well to make you look sophisticated and feel warm at the same time. These boots are going to be a must-have for you this winter for sure.

3. Floral Prints and Embroidery

Floral Prints boots
Florals are an all-time favorite for women, and this year also it is not very different. There are florals on everything, whether tops, gowns, overcoats, pants or skirts.

But, more than prints, floral embroideries are going mainstream this season, especially on comfortable boots, sneakers, and handbags. Designers are experimenting with colors and contrast of the base material and embroidery threads, and women are loving them, too.

4. Love for Brown

chocolate brown shoes


As a color rules the season, chocolate brown is in the queue this winter to make some hot chocolaty trends. From dark chocolate lip liners to overcoats and shiny pants, everything counts. You will see a lot of brown even in plaids, as well in combination with burgundy and green.

If we talk about winter women footwear such as boots, covered wedges, or loafers, there is going to be a lot of brown in them. There are some great advantages associated with the brown color that designers want to take advantage of; it’s versatile, dust-proof, and wears for long without washing.

5. Belted Coats and Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots


Are you a fan of wide belts, as they just accentuate the beauty of your shape? Then there is a good news for you as the trends of wide belts are coming back this season. Brands like Prada, Isable Marant, Nina Ricci, and Adam Selman are using wide belts on their dresses and overcoats.

If you are thinking what to wear with these belted coats and dresses as a footwear, consider this:

  • Knee-high boots are the most suitable with those pieces;
  • You can also go for a mid-ankle or ankle boot as per your liking and preference.

6. Multicolored Fur and Contrasting Boots

Contrasting Boots


If you like playing with colors, this trend is just for you; do not get satisfied with only one color of fur in your coat. Instead, go for a combination, because this season you will see the beautiful combination of fur colors in overcoats; blue and gold, or blue and burgundy, or more.

Well, the game of colors is not going to end only with the overcoats; there are contrasting boots as well to complete the whole look. Either red, brown, green or burgundy, just play with interesting colors.

7. Velvet Dresses and Ankle Boots

Ankle length boots


Velvet is one of the most suitable fabrics for winter as it keeps you warm and looks royal as well. This year designers are trying new trendy velvet dresses that are just perfect for winter wedding parties and nights out.

Designers are pairing up these velvet dresses with either ankle boots or designer pumps.

8. Warm Socks with Pumps

socks with sandals


The trend of socks with pumps doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It is also creating a new trendy and cozy footwear option to women in winter. Warm socks to keep your feet warm and a striped pump to add that trendy and feminine factor to the whole look.

This look is also going to be an alternative to women winter boots this season.

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