Know Your Skin And How To Take Care of It After 40’s

A majority of us start giving special attention to the appearance of their skin after the age of 40, since below 40 of age; your skin is naturally firm and radiant. However, to maintain a glowing skin past this age requires a unique set of skills and practices as your body declines its collagen production which is important in having a firm skin. At this stage in life, you ought to give your skin special attention or signs of aging will be clearly evident on your skin. Here are some of the top practices you should consider to have a glowing skin past the age of 40.

1. Moisturizing

Preventing your skin from extreme dryness should be your first step in taking care of your skin. Dry skin will worsen your skin condition by exposing your aging spots and wrinkles. Thus, you need to check on your diet and ensure you drink enough water as recommended by medics. Any other moisturizer you use should be used to complement a well-hydrated body.

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Secondly choose a good moisturizing cream which is rich in vitamin A, when applying the cream be generous but do not overdo it. Besides, remember to apply on your chest and cleavage for a gorgeous appearance. Moisturizing your skin is essential in having a healthy skin that glows so effortlessly and makes you look younger. Finally, if you have an excessively dry skin it is important you use a moisturizing mask over the weekend when you have enough time in your hands.

2. Flaccidity

At the age of 40, the second enemy to the health of your skin is flaccidity which is the lack of firmness. Decreased collagen production causes your skin muscles to become loose and fall leading to a saggy skin. However, halt this process by use of skin brighteners and make-up that help in firming your skin muscles.

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Some of the makeup products are designed for this purpose, thus you need to do your homework in getting the perfect product for your skin.

3. Exfoliation

We all have different skin types, and some of us have excessively oily skins past the age of 40. Oily skins are not the best of skins at this age, and you will have to exfoliate your face at least once a week to get rid of the excess oils. Having a light skin scrub could do the trick. Nonetheless, avoid excess scrubs as they could harm your delicate skin leading to a more saggy skin.

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Exfoliation is not only gets rid of excess oil but removes dead cells and contamination residues that typically block skin poles. Having open pole is very important to maintaining the health of your skin and having a luminous complexion. Depending on your skin condition you can exfoliate twice a week to ensure your skin is always fresh.

4. Cleansing

Facial cleansing is the next step you need to observe especially at the age of 40. Make it a habit to clean your face twice a day in the morning and evening. When washing your skin, you can consider gently rubbing a thin layer of honey on your skin, waiting for five minutes and gently rinsing your skin with warm water.

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Washing your skin in the evening is important in cleaning up the dirt and oil accumulated during the day. In the morning you will need to wash your face thoroughly to remove oils produced by your skin while you were asleep. Additionally, it is important you get a natural cleanser or a manufactured one which is neutral. Having alcohol-based skin cleaners could be detrimental to your skin at this age; hence you need to be very careful in your selection.

5. Sunscreen

Though the sun is a primary source of vitamins for the skin, harmful UV rays damage your dermis and expose you to skin cancer. Besides, sun rays cause blemishes to appear on your skin, and you can only counter this by the use of a proper sunscreen cream regularly.

Besides, you need to take care of the skin around your eyes which is often forgotten. Use specialized moisturizers rich in vitamin E caring for these areas of your skin.

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Always remember each of the five tips and pieces of advice highlighted above requires your creativity and personal touch to ensure they work perfectly for your skin type. Observe what you eat as a balanced diet is helps your skin glow without having to apply lots of make-up and creams.

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