3 Stunning Jewelry Choices for Fall

Autumn is here. Most ladies love the earthy shades that it brings along. It is not only the time when nature redecorates the surroundings and cools down the temperatures, but also the time to slow down from the sometimes overwhelming pace of the sunny and long summer days. Once with the falling leaves, we should also think of leaving behind the summer jewelry trends and to accessorize accordingly. Sure, it’s ok if you stick to a few favorites that work great irrespective of the season. But if you want to be really stylish, you should take into account getting the perfect jewelry for autumn time. In this way, everyone will know what a top fashionista you are.

These are the 3 key jewelleries for autumn:

1. Sapphire and Topaz Rings

Usually, ladies change their wardrobe when September comes. This doesn’t resume to the choices of clothing items, but also to the shades they are wearing. You might switch the colour palette a bit as well. However, this shouldn’t mean that you wear only pale hues.Sapphire rings are the first choice you should get when it comes to autumn’s jewellery. Their spectacular dark blue shade looks absolutely incredible. When it’s surrounded by a set of crystal clear gemstones like 0.12ct or 0.23ct diamonds, the sapphire truly becomes the centerpiece and reveals its stellar beauty.

The sapphire ring adds a touch of splendid colour to your look and it’s a wise addition to your autumn outfits. Its royal allure is something that just can’t be matched. It looks as if it was specially created by nature for divas and queens. Better yet, did you know that sapphires come in pink as well? There is no other gemstone that can help you express your femininity like this one. The pink sapphire can definitely be one of the key assets of a lady to create an interesting and refined appearance. When you combine the stellar and unique charm of sapphires with the sophisticated white or yellow gold and a master jeweller’s creativity, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to their lovely shade which reminds us of sea waves and clear skies, topaz is the second key gemstone for autumn. Topaz rings look fine and dazzling while making your hands look slender and youthful. For example, a 9ct white gold 0.23ct diamond and blue topaz ring can be exactly what you need to accessorize.

When blue topaz is surrounded by little sparkling diamonds the effect won’t fail to impress. Everyone around you will be charmed by your taste in jewelry and, of course, by your outstanding grace. At the end of the day, each carefully crafted piece of jewelry has the ultimate purpose to beautify and let you unleash your natural charm.

2. Gold Stud Earrings

When autumn comes, everything tones down. We switch from bold, even neon colors and nearly eccentric pieces to rather romantic and more delicate ones. The same goes for earrings. It just doesn’t work to go for big chandelier ones that work awesome at festivals. The gold stud earrings are the perfect choice for autumn. Autumn is also the time when the holidays are off and most ladies have to return to their regular life until the winter holidays. That’s a lot of time to be in the casual and business mode.

Some 9ct yellow or white gold stud earrings will be ideal for any type of outfits. You can wear them regardless of the occasion. They are great for work, meetings, going to pick up the kids, exercising and even for going out. You simply can’t go wrong with them as they are never too fancy or too simple. There are lots of shapes to choose from, based on the gemstone: ovals, squares, flowers, round ones and so on. They might be small, but there is nothing dull about them as a good jeweler can create many designs using timeless gold and the amazing cubic zirconia. The gold claw can hold colorful or transparent cubic zirconia, according to your preferences. Or perhaps you prefer a black one or a complex design featuring, for example, a circular white cubic zirconia and a black centerpiece? No problem! You can have a little treasure right there, made of shiny gemstones specially arranged to add class to any time of the day.

The best part is that these multi-functional earrings come with affordable prices as well thanks to the cubic zirconia, which looks like diamonds but is priced like a true bargain. So, ladies, get yourself some of these stud earrings to stay classy regardless of the chores you have to accomplish throughout the autumn days.

3. Vintage Charms

When we say vintage charms, we don’t refer to antiquities, which have been previously worn by a lot of people. No, you can get brand new charms that just have that vintage look that is back in trends for quite a while. Vintage is chic and really back in fashion this autumn. Charms are the best way to add that oldie but goldie effect to your own look without overdoing it. These charms are also a good option for ladies who want to stay trendy and add something vintage without looking as if they are wearing something rather old and obsolete.

Vintage charms are small and the gold used to create them has a special caramel and honey shade, a bit less bright than the one used for modern jewellery, but one that expresses the durability of a good piece. Hearts, anchors, crosses, stars or keys are just a few of the tiny charms that you can add to level up and be trendy with vintage. It might sound a bit strange, but vintage is trending now.

These stunning autumn jewelleries will not only help you step up your accessory game, but also enhance your overall look, giving you that stylish look that we all want to have every second of the day. Pamper yourself with these charming little masterpieces and you can rest assured that any appearance of yours will be a total hit.

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