How To Choose The Right Type Dress To Hide Cellulite This Fall

Still think you need tons of cellulite creams to bust your dimpled, rippled skin? Just when you think you need to learn practical, booty-enhancing spells from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, think again. Perhaps you don’t really need to get you cellulite off. Have you ever tried to hide cellulite? This quick rundown of easy tips and tricks can give you the magic you’ve been seeking. All eyes and ears here, please!

Shape Shifting Diva

Turn your body from Boombastic to ooh-la-la by familiarizing yourself with easy does it ways to dress with the purpose of making your cellulite visually not there. Say it — “Huh?” It’s possible with these 7 tips and tricks to hide cellulite and look great in your Autumn clothes:

Tip No. 1: Wear body shapers.

 The most convenient way to get these on is to get outfits that have them sewed in. Then, you don’t have to worry about straps, tubes or piping showing anywhere to blow off your disguise. However, the fashion industry, it seems, has not yet completely embraced this new age body shaping philosophy so, chances are, you won’t be able to find too many clothes with these built-in features.

Not to worry, there’s always Spanx. You just have to get the basic corsettes first to fit most other outfits in your wardrobe, and if you like them so much, have more specialized cuts to suit and hide well under your peep-through dresses.

Tip No. 2: Wear perfectly fitting undies.

Instead of highlighting your cellulite which can be unsightly, wear well-fitting underwear to give your body just the right contour to make you appear less bulky. You know, if you don’t really have the cup size to make it happen, there are so many other non-surgical ways to show some. You should cinch your waist either with supporters, cycling undies or, high-waist panties.

Tip No. 3: Use leggings, pantyhose, and long socks.

One of the cutest facts about dressing for autumn is that you don’t even have to worry about showing your cellulite at all!  This is the season to layer on rich, luxurious fabrics so, why not layer it with stylish leg warmers too? Before you do, massaging on cellulite creams can still help speed up the fat burn in these cold weather too so go ahead and put some on.

Tip No. 4: Put on your long overcoats.

An elegant trench coat is never out of style. That way, you can safely wear your minis underneath, pair with nice leggings and top with a classic trench coat and that’s how you hide cellulite. You need not even worry about showing them because you don’t even have them — ha!

 Tip No. 5: Let your body and skin breathe.

Choose dresses with flowy fabrics to keep from pulling your skin too tightly. You know, even when you have thick garments like denim on if they’re too tight, lines and bulges are going to keep showing up everywhere and you don’t want that. You want your outfits to be well fitted and have strategic cuts, folds, and pleats in the right places, specially designed to give the illusion of slender shoulders, tighter hips, and well-contoured legs.

Tip No. 6: Stop wearing oversized clothing.

See, this is why most plus size women will continue for decades looking plus size. The more you hide your unwanted fats, the more that you will look bulkier. Find the guts to be sexy and you will be. Again, choose shapely outfits that give you a nice fit but, not fit too tightly. The key is balance and that’s what you need to explore on.

Tip No. 7: Show some skin.

For the top side of your dresses and blouses, choose the ones that will open up your chest areas and beautifully shaped shoulders. This trick will help you appear sexier. From the abdomen, down to your toes, the cut, the slit, and the print will all figure in giving your favorite cellulite creams a run for their money. Effectively hide cellulite by choosing pieces that allow your skin to show in all the right places. For instance, a maxi dress with a thigh-high front slit will look better than another piece without it.


You know that there is a lot of styling and art that goes into dressing up. When it comes to purposive fashion, you need some science to help you obtain your body contouring goals — and that does not necessarily have to mean surgery.

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