The Best Moments of Models Runway Italy 2017

On September 9th, 2017 Models Runway Italy presented the third edition of the international competition in Salerno, at the Hotel Mediterranea, created and produced by Fashion Manager Giancarlo Presutto and the artistic direction of Mariateresa D’Arco.

This unique fashion event in Europe, led by Janet De Nardis, brings together established international designers and new models to be included into the latest fashion scene.

Featured Moments of the 2017 Event

Models Runway Italy  featured 19 selected models from Italy that spent three days(September 7 – 9) working with 9 fashion designers and multiple industry professionals participating in photo shoots and video production.

“We’ve portrayed Salerno’s emotions and feelings that are happening during fashion weeks all over the world”, – says fashion manager Giancarlo Presutto. “There were so many stylists who wanted to be there and so many models and personalities were present. It means that our team is working well. We are also lucky to have Mariateresa D’Arco as Art Director Moda who, with her great experience all over Europe, transfers to the models the right energy and the right ideas”, – added Giancarlo Presutto.

Two hundred guests attended the presentations of fashion collections: Daniela Poggi (Barcelona-Spain), Nicole Witte (Barcelona-Spain), Loris Danesi (Italy), Vanessa Villafane (Argentina), Simone Racioppo (Italy), Monica Bartolucci Italy), Milena Buzan (Italy), Galina Biryukova, and Nikolay Biryukov (Moscow – Russia), Paolo Iovino (Italy); in addition to fashion designer Vanessa Foglia and fashion brands Oro Oro Shoes by Oronzo De Matteis, Selena Nei’s bag collection.

Other guests included: Janet De Nardis, Valeria Altobelli, Sofia Bruscoli, Dalila De Masi, Geppino Afeltra, Chiqui Pena, Clarissa Leone, Marketa Silna, Elena Iankovskaia, Jo Sorrentino, Emmanuelle D’Alterio and Monica Emmi.

Models Selected by Fashion Designers for Key Shoots

  • Ilenia Severino for Daniela Poggi;
  • Francesca Giordano for Nicole Witte, Vanessa Villafane and Milena Buzan;
  • Kimberly Abete for Oronzo De Matteis;
  • Martina Massi for Vanessa Foglia;
  • Luigia Tufariello for Selena Nei;
  • Maria Ienko for Paolo Iovino;
  • Silvia Piredda for Simone Racioppo;
  • Giovanna Ienko for Loris Danesi and Galina Biryukova and Nikolay Biryukov;
  • Martina Garofalo and Anna D’Antonio for Monica Bartolucci.

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