Is Parched Skin a Growing Concern?

Parched skin will have to be one of the most pressing skin concerns you have to deal with immediately the second you notice your skin unusually flaking, and you feel your skin pull up too tight. It’s a skin issue that goes beyond addressing skin dryness, however. That’s because parched skin generally signifies skin damage and compromised overall skin health.

Bounce, Baby, Bounce!

If your skin isn’t heeding, something must be off. You’ve probably always known that your skin requires exfoliator for the face but, to obtain lasting improvements, your lifestyle must be able to help address the dry, parched skin resulting from the following factors:

1. Senescence. It refers to the natural onset of aging and the slowdown of cell functions that accompany it. There’s nothing you can do to stop it but, there will always be means for you to decelerate its progress.

2. Excessive sun exposure. Regular sunshine is good, even for your skin. However, when your skin gets too much exposure, the damage goes beyond your surface layer getting burned. The worst that can happen to you is skin cancer and increase your risks for contracting one.

3. Skin diseases and infections. Whether acquired or genetic, these and associated medications may be causing your skin to appear parched and dry. Some skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis have auto-immune underpinnings which, in itself, requires changes in your lifestyle and mindset to effectively manage.

4. Following the wrong skin care regimen. There is a correct skin care routine that matches every skin type and peculiar needs. You can’t get to the bottom of that without first giving your skin a hard look to examine it better. Getting yourself the wrong products will only aggravate your parched skin condition.

5. Living a less than stellar lifestyle. When you desire great skin, you have to work on your body. You can’t get healthy when all you can reach out for to nibble are junk and worsen the effect of the same by being unable to expel the toxins from your body by working out regularly.

How to turn around your parched skin

Say you want beautiful skin and the only guaranteed solution that we can point you to is to aim for more beautiful skin. So, say it out loud: “I want healthy skin!” Here are our top 5 recommendations to rebound your skin:

1. Exfoliate. The best exfoliator for the face is not a scrub, which can help loosen up dry skin but, comes up short in stimulating faster, more efficient skin regeneration. Instead, go for an alpha hydroxy acid solution, such as one that contains glycolic acid. When you have oily, acne-prone skin, a beta hydroxy acid in a standalone or AHA-combination solution will prove to be more beneficial to your skin.

2. Practice smart sun exposure. Catch the early morning sunshine for 15 minutes, nothing more. Wear your broad spectrum sunscreen religiously and get one that is at least SPF 30. Make sure to follow application and reapplication instructions closely. Keep in mind that your sunscreen will never be enough to give you absolute sun protection so that you must follow other sun protection measures, the most important of which is to stay out of the sun for as much as you can, most especially at midday.

3. Promote better skin nourishment. Eat the right foods, and it will show through your skin. Take America Ferrera’s experience: “Once I started drinking more water, my skin, hair, and nails all flourished.” Your skin is part of a larger system, which is your body, In order to take good care of it, you must nourish your entire body.

4. Enhance nutrient absorption and healthy circulation. Exercise, most of all, can help you excrete unwanted toxins that get in the way of proper cell functioning. It helps keep your skin firm and dense and encourages proper functioning of various skin mechanisms. Full body massage, dry skin brushing, and hydrotherapy can all help revive your skin health.

5. Sleep and stay indoors longer. When you have parched skin, environmental stressors are best avoided. The controlled temperature and moisture in indoor environments favor a more moisturized skin. Sleeping a sufficient number of hours every day also helps your skin heal and rejuvenate itself.


Dry, dehydrated and parched skin cannot be resolved by any single product that promises to restore optimal skin hydration. You simply need more. Although, the rule is quite easy to comprehend: If you can’t commit to your health, you can’t achieve beautiful skin.

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