Three of The Best Apple Watch Bands

When Apple unveiled the most innovative product of the decade, the Apple Watch, the fashion world loved it. Overnight, the Apple Watch displaced luxury giants like Rolex and Timex. It was clear that Apple was in the fashion business.

Now the new Series 2, Apple’s watch bands are being manufactured by industry giants such as Hermes, Nike as well as small boutique brands such as YCW Tech. The reason why these brands are jumping at the opportunity of Apple Fashion accessories is because of Apple’s commitment to design.

1.) Nike

The best time to do fitness is in the summer time. With beautiful weather and park gyms open to all it’s no wonder we love to workout in the beautiful summer air. With the new Nike Series 2 watch with a reinforced body makes the Nike Apple Watch waterproof up to 164 feet. Priced at 49 dollars for a watch band.

2.) Hermes

The design firm from Paris is making great designs for the wearable tech. The Hermes Apple Watch is featured in three major different designs, each crafted by hand with artisan leather. Their hand crafted watch bands offer a premium at over 500 dollars for a watch band.

3.) YCW Tech

A boutique design firm launched in Springfield, Il. Created with tech in mind. The clean and chic watch bands add a contemporary look to your outfit. Watch bands designed with high quality and breathable straps. Their high quality and reasonably priced bands start at 29 dollars.

How to wear them

Paired with Athleisure

If you are looking to pair your Nike or YCW Tech band we recommend the top fashion trend of 2017, athleisure. The best outfits offered by Nike, Lululemon and Adidas. We recommend Yoga Pants with a light throw, for nippy summer mornings.

Choose Formal

If you’re looking to spend up to 1,000 dollars on a watch band an outfit should match your luxury style. An excellent way to expand on the watch band is with a hand bag with matching leather or colors. We recommend anything from Hermes or Burberry line.

Cover photo: Hermes

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