Feeling Good and Looking Good: How to Put Them All Together

Feeling good and looking good are entirely different things to put together. However, you can make it. You can both feel and look good all day depending on how you manage and plan your day.  Feeling good is a matter of what you feel from the inside while looking right is the way people view you from the outside. This is twisted right! Your day probably begins and ends just like any other individuals. There are kids and a husband to take care of, work, family, bills, laundry, cleaning, groceries, friends and a few other responsibilities here and there. People would always want to know how do you do it? How to you manage all this all by yourself?

Feeling Good and Looking Good: How to Put Them All Together

Regardless of what you do, you must ensure you are self-motivated. Ensure you know when you are most productive and what keeps you motivated. Plan your time appropriately create a personal culture and live by it. Don’t limit yourself. The way you appear in public places has an impact on your feeling. This does not mean you have to be fully groomed while going to the gym, but again your ride to the gym is not a qualification for you to look dull. Here are a few tips on how to synchronize both and still be productive.

Develop an eating habit of your choice

Don’t limit yourself on the weight loss challenges. If your body gains weight, it’s not an indication that you have been overeating and therefore you have to go on hunger strike. There are lots of people out there who eat healthily, observe their sugar consumption but still have massive body weights. Restraining yourself from food is not losing weight. In fact, you are killing yourself. If you want to feel good, start your day with eating everything your body feels good with.  When you wake up, ensure before every other thing, you treat yourself with an excellent breakfast. Healthy eating keeps you full all day. When you have eaten enough food to sustain yourself, it is possible to be productive at work, home and still have time to bond with friends. Remember you are at your best when you feel good. Eating produces a natural feel good feeling from the inside.


Feeling Good and Looking Good: How to Put Them All Together

You want to feel sexier and confident. It all begins with taking a walk, doing yoga, jogging and of cause getting to the gym.  Exercise helps the body to relieve a mood hormone. When you exercise, you gain energy, and therefore you can be more productive. An hour to the gym helps you cut down calories and fat weight. This in return gives you the confidence to face another day. More so, when you exercise and see results, like when your lose skin starts to tighten due to several workout hours you feel motivated. Exercising can be tough, but you can make it interesting by doing the basics. You can include exercising with friends to make it enjoyable. Additionally, exercising is a way of generating “me time” having your time alone away from all the daily routines gives you room to expand and envision something better.

Look your best

Have you ever been stopped on the road by people you don’t even know to ask who you are? If not maybe you have not put in your best look. Ensure the way you dress up does not define your financial or family states. Always be smart. Think ahead, dress to impress if not to kill. Ensure to blend your dress code with new makeup that does outshine your image. If you are the oily skin type, good face masks for oily skin will do the magic. This will help drain the excess oil on your skin, therefore, giving you room to apply your makeup with minimum hustles.

Looking good should not an option. It’s what makes you feel good. The way people compliment you on the road or at work is significant. The way you feel before you leave the room is the way people will see you. Therefore, if you don’t feel confident enough or ready to move, then don’t. Ensure you are always willing to face the day with power and confidence

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